Pick Your Poison: Top 10 Best Casino Games Australia Offers

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A gambler never makes the same mistake twice. It’s usually three or more times.

A topical quote from gambling writer Terrence Murphy, there.

Everyone loves a flutter every now and then. The thrill of putting your money on the line for the chance to win it big. But what are the best casino games Australia has to offer?

We’re going to take you through 10 of the best casino games in Australia, and you might find one or two that you’ve never heard of before.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a complete novice, put on your poker face and follow us into the glitzy world of Australia’s casinos.

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Five of the Best Casinos in Australia

Before we get down to the top 10 best casino games, let’s go through some of the best casinos in Australia where you can play them.

The Crown – Melbourne

The Crown hotel in Melbourne houses the biggest casino in the country. The hotel consists of three towering buildings, housing 1604 hotel rooms in total.

The casino itself hosts 3500 poker machines and 40 unique table games on over 400 tables. It is also home to 50 dedicated poker tables and boasts Australia’s largest range of cash games and tournaments.

The Star – Sydney

Located in Australia’s largest city, on Darling Harbour, The Star casino features two gaming floors, over 300 hotel rooms and 130 privately owned apartments.

In addition to the two, all-access gaming floors there are two VIP and member-only rooms, the Oasis Room and the Sovereign Room. Entry to these private rooms is by invitation only and available exclusively to gold and platinum members respectively.

The Star Gold Coast – Queensland

Until recently this huge casino on Australia’s Gold Coast was called Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino. It is now operated by the Star Entertainment Group, owners of the Star in Sydney.

The Star Gold Coast features over 70 table games, 1600 game machines, and a hotel with 592 rooms.

Treasury Casino & Hotel – Brisbane

Located in Brisbane and also run by the Star Entertainment Group, Treasury Casino & Hotel, is unlike the other casinos on this list. The Treasury casino occupies two heritage-listed buildings which the casino’s themselves describe as ‘colonial cool that leaves ordinary at the door‘.

The venue features 6 restaurants, 5 bars and an expansive main gaming room complete split over a four-storey atrium.

Casino Canberra – Canberra

Located in Australia’s capital of Canberra, Casino Canberra is the only casino on our list found in the central business district (CBD). Because of restrictions imposed in Australian Capital Territory, the Casino Canberra cannot operate any poker machines.

With that said, the casino offers a wide range of gaming tables and a number of electronic games hosted by live dealers, dubbed Stadium Gaming. Casino Canberra also offers weekly and monthly high-roll poker tournaments.

The 10 Best Casino Games in Australia

Here we go. The 10 best casino games in Australia. We’ve included a couple of different and unheard-of games here, as well as a few classics we know you’ll all enjoy.

1. Sic Bo

Contrary to what you might think, this isn’t something you’d say to someone with a nice bow tie. It’s actually a casino game most popular in Asia-Pacific and Oceania countries.

While it was introduced to America in the 20th century, Sic Bo can trace its origins back to ancient China, and rose to prominence in Asia.

Sic Bo uses a specialised table and 3 dice, similar to Craps. Players place bets on the areas of the table which correspond to the combinations that could appear on the 3 dice.

The dealer then throws the dice, always contained inside of a chest or inverted glass beaker and reveals the combination shown on the dice. Similar to roulette, there can be multiple winners depending on how the dice land.

2. Poker

Perhaps the quintessential casino game, Poker is the most marketable and televised table game in the world.

Poker is one of the few games on the list where your actions can directly influence the outcome of the game. Common tactics include picking up on a player’s ‘tell’ or employing deception to bluff a player out of a winning position.

Games are split into either cash, tournament or high-stakes, with only the bravest or most skilful playing the latter. If you’re planning on playing at a poker table, you’re going to want to have a good poker face.

3. Roulette

When it comes to the roulette wheel you’d better come prepared. It might seem like a game of luck but there is some strategy involved in placing your chips.

The table is split into a numbered grid with 18 black numbers, 18 red numbers and either 1 or 2 green zeroes depending on if the wheel is a European or American wheel. For reference, American wheels have 2 zeroes, reducing your chances of winning and increasing the house edge.

You can bet on red, black, odd, even, high, low, or any combination of those. The odds change depending on what you place your chips on.

The smallest payout is a chip on either red or black (2 to 1). The largest payout is a chip on any single number (35 to 1).

4. Pokies

Pokies is an Australian colloquialism for Slot Machine. As we discussed in our Best and Worst Odds article, you can expect a typical payout of $90 for every $100 put in, meaning you are statistically likely to lose money.

However, unlike with most table games, Pokies offers the ever-promising chance to hit the jackpot by spinning three 7’s, or five diamonds or something similar depending on the machine. This can result in a huge win, with some casinos or machines offering tangible jackpots like a new car or motorbike instead of a cash prize.

5. Casino War

Perhaps one of the easiest casino games of all time, Casino War is offered at most of the casinos on our earlier list. The rules are as follows:

  • One card is dealt to each player on the table and one to the dealer
  • If your card is a higher value than the dealer, you win!
  • If your card is the same value as the dealer, you get the chance to ‘Go to War’ and try to beat the dealer with a second card

It really is as simple as it sounds.

6. Blackjack

Blackjack is a hugely popular game that puts the players against the dealer. The game also utilises a degree of skill. It’s up to the player to decide if they want to ‘hit’ and take a card to reach the magic number 21, or if they would rather pass and let the dealer try their luck.

If the dealer doesn’t beat the score shown on your cards or goes over 21 then the players win.

A player (or indeed the dealer) can win instantly by getting Blackjack. This is when the first two cards that appear are an Ace (which in this situation would be equal to 11) and a face card or a 10. This would give them a total of 21 in their first two cards, giving them Blackjack.

7. Big Wheel

Imagine a cross between the table from roulette and a vertical version of the wheel from Wheel of Fortune. Not all of the casinos on our list will offer this game, but the sheer spectacle of Big Wheel is sure to draw people in.

The wheel is divided into sections, and each section is represented by a symbol. The odds for the sections display on the wheel and the table. The return on your money ranges from even money to a 47 to 1 return.

8. Baccarat

Often referred to as the Game of Kings, Baccarat is a game of wagering. Players place a wager on the hand (either their own or the dealers) which totals nine or the closest to nine.

Baccarat is one of the easier casino games for beginners. This is due to the lack of advanced strategy required and the relatively low house edge. In addition, the dealer does all of the work in Baccarat and the player only needs to concentrate on placing their bets.

9. Craps

Craps is that table game you often see in films. Where the handsome hero is yelling at the table and exuberantly throwing dice while beautiful women hang off their shoulder and feed them champagne. It turns out that the real game of craps can be as exciting, albeit confusing at first glance.

One of the main features of the Craps board is the puck. One side of the puck has the word ‘On’ written on it, while the other side has the word ‘Off’. Players can buy into the game when the puck is in the off position.

Players place their bets on the Pass Line and the dice pass to the first player, moving clockwise around the table as each player takes their turn.

The person with the dice is called the Shooter. The Shooter rolls the dice against the backboard of the Craps table and is looking to avoid rolling a 2, 3 or a 12. If they roll any of these numbers the players lose their bet.

If the Shooter rolls a 7 or an 11 then players win money and the game continues. If the Shooter rolls any other number, this number becomes the point and the puck moved to the ‘on’ position on the corresponding number on the table.

The Shooter will then keep rolling until they roll the same number again or they roll a 7. If they roll the same number again they win. If they roll a 7 they lose.

Players can bet either with or against the shooter. Craps is exciting because the entire table can win and lose as a team if everyone bets with the Shooter.

10. Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is a table game that features all the excitement of Poker without a lot of the subterfuge and second-guessing. It is a lot of fun to play but has a higher house edge than some of the other games on our list.

The game also offers the chance at a progressive jackpot payout. If you’re looking to master Caribbean Stud poker it might be worth taking a look at a pro guide for some extra tips.

No More Bets

There you have it. A rundown of the best casino games Australia has to offer. This is by no means an exhaustive list as there are hundreds of different games and variants on existing games out there.

Didn’t see your favourite game on this list? Got some tips on how to beat the house? Why not get in touch at hello@truebluepunter.com, or check out our other great articles.


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