Your Guide to Winning Big: The Dos and Don’ts of Roulette

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Gambling isn’t just fun — recent studies suggest that it may actually improve your overall concentration levels and slow down the process of mental decline.

Of course, at the end of the day, we know that you really gamble to see how much you can win.

As one of the most popular casino games, roulette may be the game you love to play the most. Whether you’re playing roulette online or at a local casino, we know you play to win.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to win at roulette.

It’s about playing smarter, setting firm limits with yourself, and understanding which patterns and tactics are and aren’t effective.

Ready to walk away with more winnings?

If so, then keep on reading.

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The past Doesn’t Predict the Future

When you’re playing roulette online, it’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of believing in short-term patterns.

Even experienced roulette players often think that future spins will be influenced by past spins — but it can be a costly mistake.

Of course, online and in-person casinos know that it can be hard to resist the pull of the past. That’s why many of them will actually include a chart in the sidebar or somewhere close to the table that tells players all about the past few spins.

Don’t fall for this common tactic designed to trip you up!

Remember that the truth of the matter is that spins are completely random. Even if, for the past several rounds, the ball has landed on black, it still has just as much of a chance to land on red the next turn.

Don’t fall for the effect known commonly as the Monte Carlo Fallacy.

The name comes from a story that drives the point of relying on the randomness of roulette home. In 1913, in the world famous Monte Carlo Casino, a few players were enjoying a remarkable round of roulette.

The ball landed on black a whopping 26 consecutive times. Each player banked on the pattern, and, for time 27, placed all of their money on black again.

When the ball unexpectedly landed on red?

Each player lost millions. Learn from their mistakes, and don’t look for patterns!

Beware of the Beast

People will try all kinds of tactics in order to win at roulette.

One of the most common is playing the “Beast,” or what’s also known as the “five number bet.” This is the process of betting 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 on the roulette table. It has a house edge of close to 8% — which is much higher than you’d like it to be.

Avoid this popular “trick” at all costs, and if you’re a good samaritan, you can caution others against doing the same.

Instead, we suggest that you try single-zero roulette instead. That house edge is just under 3% — a much better option.

Stick with the Basics

One of the unspoken “roulette rules” that almost all experienced players choose to follow?

Always avoid placing multiple bets, or getting yourself into a situation where you decide that your betting goal is to cover the whole table.

Remember that even and odd bets cancel each other out. You might think that betting simultaneously on evens and odds (or on reds and blacks at the same time) means that you’ll have a higher overall chance at winning.

In reality?

You won’t really do much of anything to cancel out potential losses.

When in doubt, play smart — and don’t be afraid to pick a side and stick with it.

Don’t Be Too Loyal

We know that, so far in this post, we’ve mainly discussed the randomness of playing Roulette.

That being said, you can still be a smart player — even if you won’t be able to “crack the code” of the wheel. You might have a preferred number or colour. Perhaps you even have one that, like so many people, you feel brings you good luck.

While it’s certainly alright to play with your top number from time to time?

Playing only one number the entire game is a mistake. The truth is, there are no guarantees that your number will ever be called at all during a game. So, play it a few times, and if you’re not getting lucky, it’s best to just move on.

Of course, we know that the high payouts of betting on a single number can be seriously tempting. After all, casinos know that the chances are low, which is why they offer seriously high prizes for those that engage in single number betting.

If you truly can’t resist the temptation, let yourself do it only one time per game.

Consider Surrender

We know that “surrender” might be a dirty word to some.

However, in the world of online roulette, it takes on a much better meaning.

Be on the lookout for games that offer surrender or “en prison” options. You may also have heard them referred to as “even money” bets. This means that when playing high/low, red/black, or even/odd if the 0 or 00 appears only half of your bet is lost, and the other half is returned to you.

This seriously lowers the house edge, and it usually means that you can keep playing for much longer than you’d normally be able to.

Stay Within Your Budget

This might be one of the most basic rules of Roulette, but it’s also the one that gets discarded first.

Believe it or not, it’s not actually the “lucky streak” that causes you to increase the amount of money you’re willing to play with.

In some cases, it’s seeing how much the other people at the table are betting that does it. You don’t want to feel like you’re the smallest player at the table. However, this false sense of insecurity can land you into serious trouble.

Remember that you have to stay within your betting budget at all times, no matter what the other players around you are doing.

One of the best ways to do just that?

Especially if you frequently play roulette online, set up an account that will be used exclusively for gambling.

You can add a small percentage into the account every week, or deposit a portion on your paycheck into it. The money in that account — nothing more — is what you’ll be allowed to use for gambling.

Play with the Right Casino

If you want to win at roulette, you need to make sure that you go to the right casino to make it happen.

Especially in today’s world, whether you mostly play online or in brick-and-mortar casinos, you have more options than ever before.

This means that you can afford to be picky!

If you’re playing online roulette, make sure that you know you’re playing with a reputable casino.

Also look for ones that offer a no deposit bonus — but make sure you understand what that truly means. Many people think of these bonuses as “free money.” In most cases, it’s really just a good way for you to learn the game without putting your real money at too much of a risk.

Study up on the fine print of these no bonus deposits. Sometimes, you can only cash in a certain amount of them. Additionally, the casino may require you to make a deposit of your own cash in order to get the winning money from a no deposit bonus.

The same thing should be said for casinos that offer a match bonus.

In general, these bonuses also come with specific restrictions. Be on the lookout for information regarding the Playthrough of these bonuses.

This means that you’ll learn about the percentages or cash amounts that you’re required to deposit or play in order to qualify for the match.

Finally, take a look at the prizes offered. Make sure you find an online casino that gives you rewards and bonuses that you actually find useful. When in doubt, always ask what bonuses they plan on giving away.

Improve Your Roulette Game with These Tips

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand how to master the game of roulette.

Remember to rely on randomness, don’t fall into ineffective betting patterns, and always take a hard look at the bonus rules when you’re playing roulette online.

Looking for more advice about how to gamble and win? Want to connect with both online and in-person casinos in your area?

We’ve got you covered when it comes to all of that and more.

Keep checking back with us for more invaluable gambling tips and tricks you can’t afford to miss out on.


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