How to Choose and Practice Your Roulette Strategy

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Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games of all time. It is a super fun, fast-paced, and easy to learn game played by millions of punters around the world. It’s been around for centuries and isn’t going anywhere!

If you’re a gambler, you’re going to want to know the best roulette strategy, and how to practice playing roulette for fun. Keep reading to get luck on your side and master this exciting game!

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History of Roulette

The history of roulette is shrouded in mystery. A popular [although probably false]theory is that it was created by the French scientist Blaise Pascal.

Pascal was a genius of his time. The way modern English speakers talk about “Einstein” was the way 17th-century French people spoke of Pascal. It may be just that he was attributed [or blamed]with inventing the gambling game when he was really only interested in probabilities and math.

One could easily imagine a gambling operator claiming Pascal invented his table as a way to gain cache with the other punters.

In Las Vegas, there is a popular trick where every single business advertises that it was “Voted #1 in Las Vegas!”. Voted #1 by who? The guy who put up the sign, of course!

In all likelihood, roulette is a descendant of the game “rolly poly”, a similar French game. Pascal invented several scientific instruments that resemble roulette wheels, which is probably why he is given credit for it. What is clear is that by the end of the 17th century, roulette in its modern form was being played all over France and England.

American vs European Roulette

People say that greedy Americans invented the double zero roulette wheel strategy. This is totally false! in fact, the original roulette tables in France had two zeros. The single zero game was invented by a Frenchman about 100 years after the game became popular everywhere.

In America, the game older version of the game is still played with two slots for zero, and a double zero “00”. Aussie brick and mortar casinos use both systems. Throughout Europe, most of the world, and most casino’s in Australia use the single Zero style.

Roulette Wheel Strategies

There are many roulette strategies that can change your chances of walking away from the table a winner [you can’t change the odds though]. You should get straight with yourself how you’re going to play before you walk up to the table.

There are so many strategies out there that you really need to get straight with yourself WHY you’re playing. Your motivation will definitely play a major role in choosing a strategy.

Casual Gambler

A casual gambler is there to have fun and be social. Expect to lose, and be ok with that decision. The casual gambler is usually at the casino with friends and isn’t concerned with crushing the house.

Have a few drinks, maybe get a comped turkey sandwich. As a casual gambler, fun is the most important aspect of the game. You don’t want to go broke immediately.

Go to the ATM bank machine and get an amount of money you’re comfortable losing in one session. Then divide that by about 20. That’s you’re base bet amount. You might have to round up or round down. Get as many chips as you can for the amount of money you’re buying in for. If you’re going to play $100, ask for 100 $1 chips, not 1 $100 chip.

As a casual gambler, it doesn’t matter how you bet. Just place your chips where you feel lucky and hope you win! Don’t go back to the bank machine no matter what!

Serious Player

The serious roulette player will want to stick around for a while. You know where you like to post up, at the end of the table or facing the croupier. You’ll need at least 100 chips.

What value your chips are doesn’t matter. What is “serious” money for one gambler might not mean anything to another gambler. The point is that the money is serious TO YOU.

You can make any play you want, but don’t bet cross purposes. Don’t bet on a bunch of red numbers and then bet black outside. You’ll just be driving up the house edge.

Find a strategy and stick to it. Don’t expect too much but don’t be a sucker either.

Technical Bettor

There are a few technical principals in gambling that a technical bettor might want to be aware of.

Expectation or Expected Value – This is the house edge. Unless you’re cheating, absolutely every bet in roulette is a negative expectation bet. There is simply no way to change this, in roulette you’re bucking the system. Double zero games have a worse house edge.

You can minimize the damage done though. Don’t “cycle” your money through the table. Betting $100 to win $200, and then betting $300 is a worse way to gamble than just betting the $300 one time.

Risk of Ruin – The “risk of ruin” is the percentage chance you’ll go broke with your current system. You can influence your risk of ruin by increasing or decreasing your bets. However, neither strategy will have any effect on your expectation.


One of the most popular betting systems is the “Martingale.”

Martingale betters have the lowest risk of ruin in gambling. Depending on your bankroll, you can have as much as a 99% chance of winning in with a Martingale. It doesn’t affect the odds though when you lose you’ll be wiped out.

The basic concept on this progressive betting technique is to double your wager after each loss. So if you lose $1 on the first spin, you bet $2 on the next spin. If you lose that one, you bet $4.

Eventually, you’ll win, and with that win, you’ll be even plus one betting unit! Sounds great. The obvious problem with the Martingale strategy comes in when you don’t have enough money to double the bet, or the house limit is lower than what you need to double.

In our 99% example, the 1% of the time he loses is when he can’t cover a double up. The house has just “wiped you out” and the exit is your only option now [well maybe you can get a cup of coffee from the staff].

You can also do a “reverse” Martingale. Halve your bet each time you lose. This method will virtually guarantee you won’t go broke. You also aren’t likely to win huge. You’ll just play smaller and smaller without a win. A reverse is a good idea when you HAVE to stay in the casino but you have a limited bankroll [imagine your spouse is getting a manicure and won’t be back for two hours].

Practice Roulette For Free

Roulette is one of the world’s most popular casino gambling games. In physical form, it requires a large setup, with a wheel and a layout. However, you can play for real money or for free on hundreds of gamblings sites.

In fact, almost all casino sites that offer roulette will have a free money version or a very small stakes games. You can practice your strategy on your own personal computer, or even on your cell phone!

Standard Roulette Bets

You can just place your chips without knowing what the bets mean. Just ask the croupier! But if you have any sense you’ll want to know the standard bets.

  • Single Number or Straight Up – Put your chip in the center of the number you are betting on. Payout: 35:1
  • Split – A split bet goes on the border in the middle of two numbers on the layout. Payout 17:1
  • Street – You can bet 3 numbers in a horizontal row. i.e. 34-36-36. Place your bet on the outer edge of the last number on the street. Payout 11:1.
  • Corner – Bet all four numbers in a 4 corner square. Just place the bet in the middle of the intersection of the lines. Payout 8:1.
  • Six Lines – A six liner is a bet on two streets, for six numbers. In order to make this bet, place your chip on at the “T” where two street bets would meet. Payout 5:1.
  • Basket or Top Line – Depending on whether you’re playing single or double zero, the basket or top line bet is available. In the US [or in Perth!] this bet includes the second zero. Payout 6:1 [double zero]8:1 [single zero]
  • Columns or Dozens – You can bet the columns all the way down the layout. Just put your bet in the specially marked squares. Payout 2:1.
  • 1:1 Bets – These “outside” bets all pay even money. You can bet red, black, even, odd, 1-18 or 19-36.

None of these bets are better or worse. They are all negative expectation, but positive fun! Trust your instinct to figure out which is the best for you.

Roulette Strategy!

Spin the wheel and make me rich! The vagaries of fortune affect us all. What would life be like without a little gamble?

Roulette is one of the great classic casino games. Practice your roulette strategy for free online, then hit the tables to make some real money. Check out our blog for hot tips on other casino and online games!


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