The 7 Best Casinos in Australia

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australian casinosWhether you’re an amateur or professional poker player, where you play matters. Australian casinos offer some of the best playing environments in the world. The amenities and gambling laws also make Australia very attractive for gamblers.

Players can enjoy tax-free winnings, as opposed to American casinos where players always pay a cut. Although there are still rakes in poker rooms, some of them offer interesting alternatives, such as time-rakes. With that said, the top casinos in Australia are more than just places the gamble, they’re all-inclusive resorts.

If you’re on the search for a great place to have fun, score some big prizes, and feel like royalty–even for just a few hours–keep reading! This is our list of the seven best casinos in Australia.

Your Invitation to the Best Online Pokies in Australia

Like a punt on the slot machines?

Our top rated slots for October 2019 are the smash-hit online pokie sites: Ruby Fortune and Jackpot City Casino.

These sites include some impressive matched bonuses – up to $750 and $1600 respectively! With the potential for some seriously big wins, here’s your chance to get a piece of the action:

1. The Star Casino

Choosing a number one in a big gambling mecca like Australia is difficult, but not impossible. In the end, we can’t help but be continually marveled by The Star Casino in Sydney. If size matters, then Star City will impress and deliver on every measure.

The floor space is so massive, you’ll need a map and a tour guide. Lights as big as your head and tables that make sitting feel like a VIP no matter how rich you are. Of course, even the humblest of gamblers can become a big-time winner at these Australian casinos.

Let’s Play!

Blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, poker, Sic Bo, Pai Gow, and pontoon make up the numerous games you can play at Star City. Poker games also include Texas Limit and No-Limit Hold’em, Omaha, Three Card Draw, 7-Card Stud, and more.

You can find the WSOP tournament here every year, as well. High-rollers will find large pools of players with guaranteed winnings of $20k up to $50k. But, if poker is above your pay-grade, you can sit down at one of the 1500 electronic gaming machines and play.

You have your traditional video poker, reels, hyperlink games, bingo, mah-jong, and more niche games. Sports can also be bet on digitally with fully paperless TAB kiosks. With all the variety in games, it’s just a matter of finding which ones give you the best odds to win.

Amenities and Entertainment

This all-inclusive hotel and casino resort has all the posh features you would expect. Five-star rooms, four-star restaurants, a vibrant nightlife filled with concerts and events, luxury boutiques, and etc. When you’re worn out from all the action at the casino, you can hop into your private day spa room and relax.

The biggest casino in Australia attracts some of the biggest names in showbiz, too. Major award shows like AACTA and ARIA have hosted here, red carpet premiers for movies, as well as music artists like Alicia Keys and Coldplay. The stars shine bright in Star City Sydney Casino.

2. Crown Melbourne

While we did pick Star Casino in Sydney as our number one, the Crown Casino in Melbourne holds the title as the largest casino complex in the country. Actually, it holds the title of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

We choose Crown in Melbourne for a few different reasons. Poker fans will know it by the location where the Aussie Millions Tournament is held. Phil Ivey fans will recognize it because he is a repeating champ and has defeated many fellow poker legends.

Like the Star Casino, the Crown in Melbourne hosts a number of celebrity events. What sets this casino apart from other Australian casinos is the vast array of digital gaming machines. A massive 2500 slots and gaming machines with a stunning 3500 digital poker machines.

As you can expect, these are state-of-the-art installations with an amazing display of sights, sounds, and exciting energy.

3. Country Club Tasmania

Not your average casino in Australia, that’s for sure. The Country Club is half private casino, half golf club resort. Everything here is truly catered to luxury and outstanding service. Visiting Prospect Vale is a treat in itself, and this casino is not too far from the Cataract Gorge in Queen Victoria.

There are five restaurants and four bars to go with the casino and full-featured golf course. You can also find tennis and horseback riding for activities to occupy the whole family. The casino has poker, blackjack, electronic machines, sports betting, keno, and craps available for play.

This casino makes our list for the location, the relaxing atmosphere, and unconventional pairings of casino and outdoor activities.

4. Crown Casino in Perth

We are going to go ahead and crown our second Crown resort in Perth. This one differs from its sister casino by catering more to pokies selection. They have the biggest collection, as well as the only license for pokies in Perth. Over 2000 electronic gaming machines are under the license of Crown Casino in Perth.

Their luxury hotels and amenities are held in what is called the Burswood Island Casino. This place has to be seen to be believed. This man-made island of entertainment holds a theatre, 32 different restaurants and bars, concert hall, nightclub, spas, and gyms.

Soon, this Crown Casino will grow even larger and offer even more luxury, which we may have to revisit and update this list when it does.

5. Star Gold Coast

Call us biased, but we think both Star Casinos are pinnacles of gambling entertainment. This was the first casino to open in Queensland, but it went by the name of Jupiter before it was bought up. Don’t worry, although this old casino has classic charm, it doesn’t lack in modern amenities.

This casino is big among corporate and business types, thanks to the hotel’s huge capacity. We love it for the world-class theatre, hosting major artists and acts year-around. The Jupiter Theatre was renovated in 2012. This brought it up-to-date with screen technologies and luxurious seatings found in the big cities.

The theatre can hold a total of 2,300 people, with 300 of those being luxury VIP seats. The casino itself is infamous for having experienced and excellent staff. At least 40 members have been there since it first opened over 30 years. That should give you a good idea as to how smooth things run at the Star Gold Coast.

6. Casino Canberra

Step into this casino if you want to feel like James Bond for a day. The Casino Canberra was once mired with dated interiors and stuffy tables. Fast-forward to the 21st Century of gambling entertainment. It is now among the top Australian casinos for the amateur and professional.

This place is big-everything: big ceilings, big chandeliers, big style, and big comfort. The glitz and glamour are easy to get lost in, but let’s not forget the games to be played here. Casino Canberra takes gambling seriously, offering VIP gaming sections and the first ever live gaming “stadium” filled with 50 machines.

If you’re a punter who is looking for something fresh and competitive, you have to visit this casino. The Lotus Room is also a new take on poker environments, offering a classy private lounge for big players.

7. Treasury Casino, Brisbane

We have to give our last slot to the classic and soon-to-be-replaced Treasury Casino in Brisbane. In 2022 we will no longer have the Treasury as we know it. The casino will be transformed into a multi-tiered entertainment complex called Queen’s Wharf.

As the name suggests, this complex will contain more than just a casino property. We expect the casino floors to change only in aesthetics, of course. With that said, now is the best time to come send off this legendary casino in Brisbane.

Gamblers from all over the world treat themselves to the Treasury Casino with its inviting staff and old school hospitality. You’ll get plenty of action with over 1600 digital poker machines and 80 poker tables. The atmosphere is always laid back, there is no wide-spanning poker lobbies, only rooms with tables.

Eight more poker tables are dedicated to live poker cash and tournament games. Get rich and maybe get famous playing in this historical casino monument!

The Future of Australian Casinos

A few of our top seven picks are currently in the process of expanding and transforming their brands. Billions of dollars are pouring into casino ventures in Australia. SKYCITY Adelaide 2020 Expansion project is one we are most excited about, besides the Queen’s Wharf.

It is worth noting that some of these ventures get stuck in limbo and fail to make the cut. The Aquis Casino in Cairns is a big one, racking up $8 billion in investments, but stalled in 2016. Gold Coast in Queensland attempted a humble $2 billion deal with Sea World to open the Gold Coast Integrated Resort.

That deal is still up in the air, partly due to the major controversies surrounding the land itself and Sea World in recent years. It is worth noting that things have turned around this year for Sea World, so that deal may still be good.

The State land still needs to be negotiated at The Spit for preservation and valuation of the property.

Bookmark our site for more updates on gambling destinations as they come in.


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