Adelaide Gambling Guide

Adelaide is South Australia’s capital and largest city and accounts for almost 75% of the state in terms of population. When it comes to statistics about gambling, the city has more than its fair share of the state’s facilities.

Gambling in South Australia is small when you compare it to states like New South Wales or Victoria and the total gambling expenditure for 2014-2015 was just $1 billion (compared to NSW at $8.9 billion and Victoria at $5.7 billion). In fact, along with the Australian Capital Territory, the total annual gambling spending per capita in South Australia is the lowest in the country at just $768 per person per annum. This is half the rate of New South Wales and Victoria with the Northern Territories coming in first at a staggering $6,500 per person!

In this guide, we wanted to take a look at the gambling laws and the kind of wagering that goes on in Adelaide as well as give you an idea of some of the best places in the city to lay your bets.

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Gambling Laws in Adelaide

Gambling in South Australia is legal as long as punters are over the age of 18 and that bets are taken by a licensed betting operator, at a licensed venue or using a licensed gaming machine. Wagers can only be placed on races or events that have been approved by the Independent Gambling Authority or are associated with licensed racing clubs.

Licensed Totalisator Agency Boards (TABs) are approved to accept wagers on this basis and most sports bars, racecourses and leisure facilities offer these services. In addition you can find TAB agencies in Adelaide to place your bets (see TABs: Social Clubs, Sports Bars and Hotels, below).

gambling in adelaide

There are many venues in Adelaide where gambling is legal, including the city’s casino in the historic railway station buildings. Image via Flickr.

Gambling Scene in Adelaide

Gambling in South Australia nets the government around $750 million each year with Adelaide accounting for a good proportion of this figure. The city is home to a population of almost 1.2 million people which represents almost three quarters of the state.

The latest prevalence reports on gambling in South Australia reveal that 70% of the population have gambled in the last 12 months with the most popular wagering opportunities being the lotto (52% of people have played the Lotto in the last year).

Poker or electronic gaming machines (pokies) were the second most popular form of gambling at 30% followed by scratch cards (24%) and then horse/greyhound racing (19%).

Other gambling activities were split as follows:

  • Keno: 8%
  • Casino table games: 5.7%
  • Sports betting: 4.2%
  • Bingo: 2.7%

Over the last decade, the state has seen a fall in the amount of wagering activities for poker machines, lotteries and Keno whilst seeing an increase in sports and race betting as well as casino gambling.

There are plenty of ways to place your bets in the city including TAB facilities in sports bars, hotels and clubs, licensed race courses and, of course, the city’s casino. You can also find venues which host regular poker and bingo meetings in addition to Keno.


Sky City, Adelaide Casino

North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

adelaide casino gambling in south australia

The Adelaide Casino is a sophisticated venue for table gaming. Image via website.

Owned by the SkyCity Entertainment Group who also operate casinos in New Zealand and in Darwin, the Adelaide Casino was opened in 1985.

The casino is the state’s 10th largest employers with 1100 members of staff.

Situated in the historic North Terrace area, the casino occupies part of the heritage listed railway station.

The casino has a monopoly on table games in the city with a new license extending this agreement until 2035. As a result of this extension the casino is undergoing a major refurbishment  and expansion project which is due to be completed in 2020.

The casino is a popular venue for local high rollers and tourists. It has a poker zone, 1000 EGMs and a range of table games, including:

  • Caribbean Stud
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette

Queen of Hearts Fun Casino

6 Sycamore Ave, Novar Gardens SA 5040

Strictly speaking the Queen of Hearts is a mobile casino that is available for private hire but the facilities on offer are very professional, so we thought they deserved a mention. Though you won’t be winning over on a big house, just your party guests, the tables you can hire are from Las Vegas and include poker, roulette and blackjack. Events are fully catered and planned by the company and include table staff to maintain neutrality when it comes to gaming.

Great for private parties.

Race Courses


Horse racing in Adelaide offers a shadow of the celebrity fame that jockeys could regularly expect in the 60s and 70s but is still a popular place for die-hard fans who enjoy the thrill of live racing.

During the same period, South Australia was considered a powerhouse for the turf industry and regularly produced national winners at some of the biggest events in the country.

Sadly, courses don’t pull huge crowds except at major events but an announcement in January 2017 that the government would be injecting $5.8 million in prizemoney and $200,000 in marketing to boost the dwindling fortunes of the city’s only remaining racecourse (Morphettville) could see a reversal of South Australia’s horse racing fortunes.

Morphettville Racecourse

79 Morphett Rd, Morphettville SA 5043

horse racing adelaide gambling guide

The legendary ‘Octagonal’ at Morphettville in 1977. Image via website.

Situated just 10km from Adelaide’s CBD, Morphettville Racecourse is the premier racing course for South Australia and is the headquarters of the South Australian Jockey Club.

The course opened in 1876 and, after the closure of Cheltenham Park and Victoria Park, Morphettville now remains the only central horse racing location in the city.

The racecourse consists of two tracks, the original (and main) 2.3km flat course which features a retractable finishing post with hydraulics and a second course known as ‘The Parks’.

The course hosts some of South Australia’s biggest races and features a full racing calendar with an event every Saturday. April is one of the busiest months for feature events which include The Australian (Schweppes) Oaks, the South Australian Derby and the two $1,000,000 purse races of The Goodwood and the Robert Sangster Stakes. However, the most popular event locally is still the Adelaide Cup which is held on the second Monday in March.

Full TAB facilities are available on site with general admission being charged at $15 (Summer) and $10 (Winter).

Oakbank Racecourse

46 Oakwood Road, Oakbank SA 5243

Most well known for its Easter Carnival racing, Oakbank is home to the Oakbank Racing Club and is situated in Adelaide Hills.

Sometimes called Onkaparinga Racecourse, the carnival attracts crowds of 45,000+ over the two day event. The meet combines steeplechase and flat racing and includes two of Australia’s biggest jump races; the Great Eastern Steeplechase and the Somerland Classic Hurdle.

There is a prelude meeting a few weeks before the carnival but otherwise the course is closed except for corporate hire, functions and social events.

Globe Derby Park

Trotters Dr, Globe Derby Park SA 5110

harness racing adelaide gambling

The high speeds and thrill of harness racing make it an excellent spectator sport. Image via Facebook.

Globe Derby Park is home to the South Australia Harness Racing Club and holds meets every Saturday and Monday (and Fridays in the winter).

Opened in 1969, harness racing is a popular spectator sport and the park regularly draws a good crowd. The Summer Carnival in January and the Trotters Carnival in June are all well attended.

Races are broadcast of Radio TAB and there also bookmakers on site.

Admission is free and the park is just 20km from the city.

Other Courses

An hour to the north of Adelaide you can also find the Balaklava Racing Club, the Gawler and Barossa Jockey Club and the Clare Valley Racing Club. Across the St Vincent Gulf you can find a horseracing track on Kangaroo Island.


Greyhound racing is legal in Australia making it one of only eight countries worldwide where you can gamble on the dogs. Adelaide has just one greyhound race track but it is a popular place for punters looking for a midweek venue to watch live racing.

Greyhound Park

55 Cardigan St, Angle Park SA 5010

greyhound racing adelaide

‘Only at the Dogs’; the GRSA spends a lot on marketing to boost admissions. Image via Facebook.

The only greyhound racing facilities in Adelaide can be found in Angle Park. The stadium is about 10km north of the centre of the city and can hold around 4000 spectators.

Opened in 1972, Greyhound Park has a sand surface and holds regular midweek meetings on Monday and Thursday nights as well as Wednesday mornings.

The track has full TAB facilities and is a popular venue for punters in Adelaide.

Lotteries & Kenos

Playing the lottery is the most popular way to wager in Adelaide with half of the population taking part. Most of the expenditure on the Lotto is via the National Australian Lottery which is licensed by the national government and run by the Tatts Group.

You can find full details of all the regular ways to play, including daily jackpots and draws, via the Official Lottery website.

lotto adelaide australian lottery

The most popular form of gambling in South Australia, most people are ‘in it to win it’. Image via Oz Lotteries.

An instant version of the lottery is Keno which is popular in Adelaide and has some coverage in the city. You can find venues to play this game using the official SA Keno website.


Widely regarded as the traditional home of Australian poker, Adelaide was the first venue in Australia to have a Texas Hold‘em tournament

The main poker venue in Adelaide is at the casino (see above) which has a dedicated poker zone on the north-western corner of Level 1. There are two ways to player here; either a cash game or a tournament game.


The Sky City Adelaide Casino (see above) has 90 poker tables in its Poker Zone which is open as follows:

  • Tuesday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 3.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 7.00pm to 4.00am
  • Sunday and Monday: Closed

Tournaments and cash games are available at varying levels of buy-in.

Matchroom Poker

13-33 Shannon Pl, Adelaide SA 5075

A members only club in the heart of Adelaide, Matchroom Poker holds events every day of the week.

The venue is home to ‘serious’ poker in Adelaide and has buffet and bar facilities.

Cash pots vary but range up to $33k for the main events held on Friday nights and Saturday afternoon. Buy-ins vary by game but start at $70 up to $1500 including the admin charge.

Membership to the club costs from $10 a year.


There are three main leagues operating in Adelaide, the 888 Poker League , the APL and the National Poker League. Both run various tournaments throughout the week at different venues. There are some smaller leagues operating games across the region. Full details of most games can be found through the Poker Nights website though the following is a summary of the most popular regular poker nights being run in the city:

Monday Nights

LeagueVenueDistrictStart TimeBuy In
888 PLCarlisle TavernEthelton18:30$30.00
888 PLCopper Coast HotelWallaroo18:30$5.00
888 PLEsplanade HotelBrighton18:30$25.00
888 PLFinsbury HotelWoodville North18:30$15.00
888 PLGlynde HotelGlynde19:30$ 20.00
888 PLMaid of AucklandEdwardstown19:30Free
888 PLMarion HotelMitchell Park18:30$5.00
888 PLMiddleton TavernMiddleton18:30$25.00
888 PLModbury Plaza HotelModbury18:30$25.00
888 PLPara Hills Community ClubPara Hills12:00$25.00
888 PLRenmark Hotel MotelRenmark18:30$5.00
EliteBritish Working Men’s ClubWingfield19:30$15.00
NPLEureka TavernSalisbury19:30$20.00
NPLSemaphore HotelSemaphore19:00$20.00
NPLGrand Junction TavernPennington23:00$25.00

Tuesday Nights

LeagueVenueDistrictStart TimeBuy In
888 PLChristies Beach HotelChristies Beach18:30$5.00
888 PLHope Inn HotelHindmarsh19:30$ 25.00
888 PLLinks HotelSeaton18:30$25.00
888 PLMorphett Arms HotelGlengowrie18:30$5.00
888 PLPara Hills Community ClubPara Hills12:00$25.00
888 PLRoyal Exchange HotelKadina18:30$5.00
888 PLSomerset HotelPara Hills18:30$15.00
888 PLThe Office on PirieAdelaide21:30$25.00
888 PLThe Port ClubAlberton18:30$15.00
888 PLYankalilla HotelYankalilla18:30$25.00
NPLEureka TavernSalisbury19:30$ 20.00

Wednesday Nights

LeagueVenueDistrictStart TimeBuy In
888 PLAberfoyle Hub TavernAberfoyle Park18:30$5.00
888 PLCheckside TavernWest Lakes18:30$25.00
888 PLClovercrest HotelModbury North18:30$25.00
888 PLMcQueens Tavern & GamingAngle Park22:00$25.00
888 PLMount Compass TavernMount Compass18:30$15.00
888 PLPole Position Entertainment VenueAdelaide19:30$25.00
888 PLThe Southern Bar Gaming BistroSt Marys18:30$25.00
888 PLTroubridge HotelEdithburgh18:30$20.00
888 PLWatermark GlenelgGlenelg18:30$15.00
888 PLWheatsheaf HotelVirginia18:30$25.00
NPLFlagstaff Hill Golf ClubFlagstaff19:00$   5.00
NPLFlagstaff Hill Golf ClubFlagstaff19:00$ 25.00
NPLParafield GardensParafield19:30$ 15.00
NPLEureka TavernSalisbury19:30$   5.00
NPLSemaphore HotelSemaphore19:30$ 20.00
NPLGrand Junction TavernPennington23:00$ 25.00

Thursday Nights

LeagueVenueDistrictStart TimeBuy In
888 PLCheckside TavernWest Lakes18:30$25.00
888 PLGerman Arms HotelHahndorf18:30$25.00
888 PLMarion HotelMitchell Park18:30$5.00
888 PLPara Hills Community ClubPara Hills18:30$5.00
888 PLPole Position Entertainment VenueAdelaide21:30$25.00
888 PLRenmark ClubRenmark18:30$5.00
888 PLRisdon HotelPort Pirie18:30$5.00
888 PLRoyal Exchange HotelKadina18:30$15.00
888 PLWatermark GlenelgGlenelg18:30$25.00
NPLWindmill HotelProspect20:00$ 25.00
NPLSailsbury West Sports ClubSalisbury Downs01:00$ 15.00
NPLSailsbury West Sports ClubSalisbury Downs19:30$ 20.00
NPLWest Adelaide Football ClubAdelaide19:30$   5.00
NPLSouth Adelaide Football ClubAdelaide19:30$   5.00

Friday Nights

LeagueVenueDistrictStart TimeBuy In
888 PLHampstead HotelCollinswood18:30$10.00
888 PLHampstead HotelCollinswood21:00$25.00
888 PLMcQueens Tavern & GamingAngle Park18:30$25.00
888 PLThe Southern Bar Gaming BistroSt Marys18:30$25.00
888 PLThe Southern Bar Gaming BistroSt Marys22:00$20.00
888 PLXsite GamingMt Barker18:30$25.00
NPLSalisbury West Sports ClubSalisbury Downs19:30$ 20.00
NPLEureka TavernSalisbury19:30$   5.00
NPLEureka TavernSalisbury23:00$ 25.00
NPLBrighton Metro HotelBrighton19:30$   5.00
NPLBrighton Metro HotelBrighton19:30$ 25.00

Saturday Nights

LeagueVenueDistrictStart TimeBuy In
888 PLLinks HotelSeaton18:30$30.00
888 PLMcQueens Tavern & GamingAngle Park22:00$25.00
888 PLRex HotelMarleston18:30$15.00
NPLGrand Junction TavernPennington19:00$ 25.00
NPLGrand Junction TavernPennington23:00$ 25.00

Sunday Nights

LeagueVenueDistrictStart TimeBuy In
NPLSalisbury West Sports ClubSalisbury01:00$ 25.00
NPLParafield GardensParafield19:30$ 20.00


Bingo is popular throughout South Australia and you can find several venues where events are run weekly that offer cash prizes. As well as these venues you can also play bingo at the Adelaide Casino on Tuesday mornings from 11.00am.

bingo adelaide

Bingo is a popular form of gambling which is more widely accepted and available than TAB betting. Image via Flickr.

Novita, Regency Park Centre

171 Days Road, Regency Park, South Australia, 5010

The biggest bingo venue in the city and held by the children’s services charity, Novita, Regency Park runs several sessions each week:

DayTime No of Games
Wednesday7.30pm to 9.30pm30
Thursday7.30pm to 9.30pm30
Friday6.00pm to 6.35pm10
Friday7.30pm to 9.30pm30
Saturday6.00pm to 7.00pm20
Saturday8.00pm to 10.00pm30
Sunday1.00pm to 3.00pm30
Sunday4.00pm to 5.00pm20
Sunday6.00pm to 8.00pm30

There are some big jackpots available as well as break-open instant win bingo tickets and raffles. The Regency Park venue also features 60 programmable electronic tickets (PET9).

Novita @ South Adelaide Football Club

1 Lovelock Dr, Noarlunga Downs SA 5168

Also run by Novita, bingo events are held in the Jimmy Deane function room and take place on Wednesday and Sunday. 30 games are played each day with calling starting at 7.30pm and 6.00pm respectively.

Novita, Marion

Marion Sports and Community Club 262 Sturt Road, Marion SA, 5043

Another of Novita’s bingo events to extend their fundraising, you can visit the Marion Sports and Community Club at lunchtime for some daytime bingo between 12.00pm to 2.00pm on Wednesday and Friday.

British Working Men’s Club

11 Davis Street, Wingfield, South Australia, 5013

Also known as the Castle Entertainment Centre, bingo nights are held on:

  • Tuesday: 7.30pm
  • Thursday: 10.30am, 12.30pm and 7.30pm

Glenelg Football Club

Cnr Brighton Rd and Newmans Lane, Glenelg, South Australia, 5045

The local Aussie Rules football club has a lot of community activities with bingo nights held as follows:

  • Tuesday: 12.45pm and 7.30pm
  • Thursday: 10.30am and 12.30pm

Bedford Bingo Hall

615 Goodwood Rd, Panorama, South Australia, 5041

This community bingo hall holds games Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 8.00pm. Doors open at 6.30pm.

bingo adelaide bedford bingo

Eyes down at the Bedford Bingo Club for some decent cash prizes. Image via Facebook Page.

Grand Central

Goodman Rd, Elizabeth South SA 5112

You can play bingo at the Grand Central function rooms at the following times:

  • Tuesday: 7.45pm
  • Thursday: 12.30pm, 6.30pm and 8.00pm
  • Friday: 6.30pm and 8.00pm
  • Sunday: 7.00pm

Ingle Farm Sporting Club

Belalie Road, Ingle Farm SA 5098

Bingo is held every Friday lunchtime with eyes down at midday.

Best of the Rest

A large number of community centres and senior citizens clubs also hold bingo events. Whilst many of these are open for residents only there is a large selection of those that allow guests. You can find full listings of all such venues in South Australia via the SA Community site.

Electronic Gaming Machines (‘Pokies’/Slots)

The Sky City Casino operates over 1000 electronic gaming machines (EGMs or pokies) with many clubs, hotels and bars in the city also holding a license from Consumer and Business Service of South Australia, as follows:

Premises NameNo of EGMs
Aces Bar & Bistro30
Mansions Tavern20
The London Tavern32
James Place Hotel28
Talbot Hotel32
Jackpots on Hindley23
Union Hotel15
Wakefield Hotel20
The Office on Pirie20
Silks On Grenfell Hotel20
Ambassadors Hotel40
Strathmore Hotel29
Woolshed On Hindley32
West End Tavern34
Black Bull Hotel32
Rosemont Hotel And Pokies32
Arab Steed Hotel20
Cumberland Arms Hotel5
Duke Of York Hotel10
Earl Of Aberdeen Hotel10
Elephant & Castle Hotel7
Benjamin On Franklin Hotel20
Gilbert Street Hotel11
General Havelock Hotel8
Jackpots On Pulteney33
Saracen’s Head20
Griffins Head20
Hotel Richmond32
The A Club – Adelaide18
Metropolitan Hotel25
Rob Roy Hotel20
Seven Stars Hotel12

In total there are around 12,400 licensed EGMs in South Australia.

pokies adelaide

The Rosemont Hotel & Pokies has 32 licensed EGMs. Image via Flickr.

TABs: Social Clubs, Sports Bars and Hotels

Social Clubs & Pub TABs

The following locations in central Adelaide operate TAB services as well as being popular sports and social bars:

  • Arab Steed Hotel, 241 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • Bunker Sports Bar & Grill, 21 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • Elephant & Castle Hotel, 179 West Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • First Commercial Inn, 29 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015
  • Northgate Community & Sports Club, Rowe Ave, Northfield, SA 5085
  • Portland Hotel, 286 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015
  • Richmond Hotel, 144 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • Rob Roy Hotel, 106 Halifax Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • Rosemont Hotel, 156 A Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • Talbot Hotel, 104 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • Wellington Hotel, 36 Wellington Square, North Adelaide, SA, 5066
TAB gambling adelaide

You can find TAB facilities at a lot of sports bars and clubs in the city. Image via Northgate SCC.

Agency TABs

Specialist TAB facilities are available from the following agencies:

  • Gawler Place TAB, Pirie Plaza 63 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • Hindley Street TAB, 9-11 Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • Hutt Street TAB, 185 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • North Adelaide TAB, 132 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006
  • Port Adelaide TAB, 164 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015

Featured image via Flickr.