Everything The Casino Doesn’t Want You to Know About the House Advantage

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At last estimate, Australia’s gambling industry rakes in an estimated 156.9 billion AUD annually. As you can see, there’s never been a better time to get in on all the potential earnings.

With a little skill and a lot of luck, you can win big on certain games—either in-person or online. Unfortunately, the best casino game odds can’t be found at every table.

All games come with some type of house advantage, but certain games jack those odds up so high that it’s nearly impossible to win. Others feature unreasonable odds that almost no one could win.

It’s alright to waste a little money, but if you want the best possible chance of winning some games, then you need a strategy.

So what are the best casino game odds? In this article, we’ll cover all the games you focus on (and the ones you should steer clear of). Come check them out!

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How Do You Determine the Odds Associated With a Casino Game?

When deciding which casino game comes with the highest percentage of winning it’s important to look at something called the house edge. What is the house edge?

The house edge is a mathematical advantage that ensures that the casino—online or in-person—makes money off of your bets.

At the end of the day, a casino is a business and the house edge is a built-in mechanism that ensures they make money off of you.

However, it’s also important to remember that that certain casino games come with a lower or higher house advantage. The house edge can be calculated into a percentage.

A good example is a roulette wheel. When you spin a ball on the wheel there are 37 possible spots you can land on (1-36 and the green slot). So, the odds of you landing on a number you choose is 1 in 37.

However, the house wins roulette more often—1 in 35. So, the house will statistically win 2.7% more as you continue to play. While everyone enjoys relying on luck, you should be strategic about what you bet on.

It’s smart to avoid games that come with a large house advantage and to quit while you’re ahead of the house.

It’s also important to consider the odds associated with each game. The more possible outcome, the less likely you are to land on a winner. Pokies with lots of different reel options comes with some dismal win rates.

The Best Casino Game Odds

First, we’ll cover some of the casino games that you have the best odds of winning while you play. These titles either come with the lowest house advantage or the best potential win rates when you play.

Classic Blackjack

Single deck blackjack is the best game to play at an in-person casino for the lowest possible house advantage: 1.5%. One thing that makes Blackjack one of the fairer casino games is the low number of cards in play.

However, if you play some online versions of the game, then you can have an even higher advantage over the house edge percentage.

Popular online games like European Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, and Vegas Strip Blackjack come with house advantages as low as 0.34% to 0.39%.

Make sure you go in with an optimal strategy on any variation you’re playing. Familiarize yourself with blackjack rules and know when to split, double, pass and buy.

Video Poker (Jack or Better)

Certain video poker games can have house edge percentages as low as 0.44%. One example is the game Jack or Better. This poker variant comes with the lowest video poker house edge.

To get the best percentage out of the game, make sure that you find a machine on full play. Look for Jack or Better pay tables that offer 6 to 1 on a flush and 9 to 1 on full houses.

These games come with the best possible odds. However, keep in mind that poker is also a game of skill. The right strategy can mean the difference between big earnings and nothing.

Make sure you form a solid plan before committing to Jack or Better. If you want to brush up on your online poker strategy, then check out this guide here.


Baccarat is a card game rising in popularity both at in-person casinos and online ones. It’s a fast game that comes in three popular variants: baccarat banque, baccarat chemin de fer and punto banco.

The game involves two people: the player and the banker. The player with the highest score wins, or there can be a tie. The game contains a relatively low house edge when you bet on the player or the bank.

The banker comes with a 1.06% house advantage, while the player comes with a 1.04% house advantage. However, remember to never bet on a tie outcome. When you make this bet the house edge increases to 14.36%.

Online Slot Machines

There’s a reason why 600,000 Australians play the pokies at least once a week. They’re incredibly addictive and some of them come with a low house edge.

Any online casino can contain up to five hundred different pokies you can choose from. Look for ones with a house edge between one and two per cent. However, remember that different slot games come with different house advantages.

Finding a low one can be difficult in some cases. We recommend casinos like True Blue, Ace Pokies and the Joka Room for their diverse selection of games.

Keep in mind that online slot machines are different than the ones found at in-person casinos. These types of machine come with a much higher house advantage.

The Worst Casino Game Odds

These are the casino games you should avoid unless you’re prepared to likely lose the money you bet. They either come with some of the highest house advantage or the lowest possible win rates.


Keno is a game that’s similar to bingo—players bet on number ranging from one to eighty. Then, a random generator selects the winning number.

We recommend avoiding this type of game. Most of the house percentages fall between 25% and 35%. We have seen some variants with edges as low as 4%, but even these are not very high.

If you still want to play Keno, make sure you play one game at a time. Don’t spread your bets out over multiple pay tables.

Big Six Wheel

The Big Six Wheel, or the Wheel of Fortune, might look entertaining, but it comes with some pretty dismal house edge and win rates. The amount that you bet determines how high the houses edge becomes.

You can choose between one pound, five-pound, ten pounds, twenty pounds, or joker bet.

If you make one pound bet, the lowest kind, then the house edge comes to 11%. The joker, the largest option, comes with a 36x time payout, but the house edge rises to 24%.

Slot Machines at In-Person Casinos

While online slot machines come with some low house edges, in-person are a different story. These house edges range from 11% to 17%. They also come with dismal odds when it comes to winning.

A pokie with five separate slots and thirty-five possible outcomes comes with 52,521,875 possible outcomes. Winning isn’t impossible, but it’s not going to happen to many people.

However, there is no denying that the physical pull of a pokie machine is addicting. If you want to play the slots at an in-person casino, make sure you follow our tips so you know how to win (and when to walk away).

If you’re going to play in-person pokies try and select the ones with lower cash prizes. These typically come with lower house edges.

Craps (Depending on the Bet You Make)

Craps inclusion of the worst casino game odds may confuse some people. The pass option comes with a 1.41% outcomes while the don’t pass features a 1.36% edge.

As long as you stick to these smaller bets, then craps isn’t a bad game to play. However, avoid making any one-roll bets. This play increases the house edge to a looming 16.5%.

Three Card Poker Variants

There are plenty of different poker variations, but some of them come with much higher house edges. The three-card variant is a good example—it features a house edge of 7.28%.

However, the win rates on poker can vary widely. Some highly skilled players may come with a better win rate than amateur players. Still, we advise caution before making large bets on these types of games.

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We hope this article helped you find some of the best casino game odds available in online and in-person casinos. If you’re about to plan a big casino trip in Australia, then True Blue Punter can help you out.

We’ve arranged extensive guides on all the major gambling cities in the Down Under.

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