It’s In the Cards: How to Choose the Right Bingo Cards

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It’s no surprise that gambling is popular pretty much anywhere you go. That said, of the 6.8 million regular gamblers in Australia, 76% of the regulars play Bingo.

If you’re also a fan interested to play Bingo, there are differences between online sites and land-based locations. But to win more in this game, you need to pick the right Bingo cards. It’s not as random as it looks – laws of mathematical probability can help you gain an advantage.

Not sure how this all works? Here are some tips you can use to ensure that you get that sweet payout:

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1. Learn Tippett’s Theory

At its most basic form, Tippett’s theory is a concept concerning the perfect average. What this means is that it’s the average of all the 75 balls before they’re picked. While there are a lot of ways to calculate this average, Tippett used the median number 38.

The theory is that as time progresses in a 75-ball game, the numbers drawn is something close to the aforementioned number. In a lot of other simpler games, it doesn’t take that long for one player to win. This happens provided that the aim is to complete a Full House or complete a line.

For this type of game, Tippett argued that choosing the numbers near either end of the possible numbers are your best choices. Complex games will take a little longer to finish since a lot of balls get drawn before announcing the winner. Here, your best bet is to pick numbers near the middle—meaning those closer to number 38.

Why the Theory Makes Sense

The concept can sound a bit complex, but it has its benefits. The simplest way to think about this concept is to separate the balls into two piles—the winning balls and the ones still inside the cage. When picking the balls out, the middle value of the winning numbers can either be much higher or much lower than the median.

After all, the range of numbers in the winning ball pile is something narrower than 75. That’s mostly the case unless both 1 and 75 get drawn. But always remember that this situation only happens every once in a while.

The more balls getting drawn, the more similar your winning pile will look compared to the caged pile. In a sense, you’re getting back to the same pile as the one started within the cage. If all the balls get drawn before a winner gets picked, you’ll have the same pile of balls when you began the game.

The theory makes sense that as winning numbers start copying the initial pile, the median will get closer to the perfect average of 38 once more.

2. Learn Granville’s Theory

Granville used this strategy in the 75-ball Bingo games. It worked on the premise that the drawn balls are random. Therefore, each number will have an equal probability of appearing no matter what.

With that, Granville says that you need to get a bingo ticket that has as many different numbers as possible. This will help increase your chances of winning, especially when you have an equal spread of different number types—high, low, even, and odd.

A more surefire but more difficult way is to get a bingo ticket with as many different last digits as you can. For example, if you got a ticket including the number 16, you need to ensure that all the subsequent numbers end in other digits. That means you need to make sure you don’t pick numbers like 6, 26, 36, etc.

Why the Theory Makes Sense

The theory of all numbers having an equal chance of appearing is quite right. Making a tally of all the numbers picked over a long time period will show each number roughly the same number of times. It’s almost the same as rolling dice loads of times.

If you’re playing a physical 75-bingo ball game, it’s easier to understand. For example, if the first number taken out of the cage is 25, the number of odd-numbered balls left decreases by one. That means the probability of an odd number getting picked next will have a slight decrease.

Using the same logic, if the number 25 gets picked, the remaining balls ending in 5 will decrease. It becomes more likely for a number ending in a different number will get drawn next. This theory uses rational principles such as probability, making it a logical method of choosing the right Bingo sheet.

3. Use Number-crunching Methods in Bingo Games

It’s impossible to predict the next ball coming up next. But with each draw, the odds of balls appearing will grow more. That means if you’re waiting for 15 to come up as the first ball, the odds stay at 1 in 75.

What does this mean for you? You need to remember Bingo’s ever-changing odds and probabilities. The main reason is that the game shows a dynamic mathematical model that you need to think about for each succeeding calls.

Always exercise caution when listening to the old wives’ tales about Bingo. It’s a myth for a certain ball to come up every single game. After all, it’s a chance-based game where the possibilities are endless.

4. Use these Behaviors to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Right Bingo Cards

There are a lot of ways and means of putting yourself in a more advantageous position. These behaviours will help you take advantage of the theories mentioned above. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

1. Don’t Play Bingo When Everyone Else is Playing

If you’re the type of person who uses Bingo to socialize and not to earn money, this tip won’t make sense. Otherwise, keep in mind that Bingo is a game of numbers. What that means is that the more people play the game, the less likely it is for you to get the right bingo numbers.

You can contact your local Bingo location like Crown Melbourne if you want to know the peak hours. If you’re playing online, the customer support is your best bet to know. They’ll give you an idea of their traffic volumes so you get an idea of what time to avoid playing the game.

Use your common sense if you can’t have access to that information. A lot of people will not have the chance to play Bingo when it’s their working hours. It’s usually 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. during the weekdays.

With that in mind, you can assume that the busy times will be around 7-10 P.M. Weekends are a little trickier, but it’s easy to solve as well. There are times when you can play Bingo after midnight or around three in the morning—use that to your advantage.

2. Control Your Number of Bingo Cards

In most cases, it’s common knowledge that the more Bingo cards you play, the better your odds are at winning. For example, buying 30 out of 100 Bingo cards available will get you a 30% chance of winning in theory. If the other players get an average of 3 cards, then your winning chance is tenfold compared to them.

But always remember that there are strict limits on the number of cards you can play. With that, the simple rule is to limit yourself to the number of cards you can afford or manage. That way, you can pay attention to the game more and make use of the 48% knowledge component of gambling.

3. Check if Your Cards Carry Over to the Next Game

You need to look into the rules of your local Bingo location. In most cases, your paid unused card is usable for the next games on their premises. After all, the cards have manual daubing, meaning you can use an ink stamp or marker to mark the called numbers.

If you’re familiar with your own cards, you can match the numbers as soon as they get called. This gives you an important edge in the game.

4. Avoid Getting Intoxicated

Getting the right card in Bingo is easier if you’re alert. That means you tend to make bad choices when you’re sedated, tired, buzzed, or engaged in other ways. You need to ensure that you should have a cool and calm behaviour.

That’s why it’s important to have full control of your faculties. This will allow you to have a clear mind and apply the principles stated above. Doing this ensures you maximize your chances of winning in Bingo by making rational decisions.

Get the Right Bingo Cards Today!

Bingo needs both skill and luck to win in a more consistent fashion. Always remember that fact to ensure that you have the right mindset when playing Bingo. It doesn’t matter where you play, whether it’s on a physical Bingo hall or an online casino.

Do you want to get more tips on how to win at Bingo? Read this post and learn about 15 smart ways to win the jackpot.


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