15 Smart Ways How To Win At Bingo

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According to PopScience, 48% percent of gambling is knowledge.

So if you know how to beat the odds- you’re already halfway there.

Whether you gamble for fun or gamble for the big bucks – properly maneuvering through every game strategically is going to be important even if you don’t think it is.

Let’s take bingo for example.

As much as you may think Bingo is all about “the luck of the draw” – there’s a certain strategy that heightens your chances of winning.

Even if you were dealt a bad board, there are still ways that you can increase your chances of winning. Here are 15 smart ways on how to win at bingo.

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How To Win At Bingo 101

1. Cheaper Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Even though they are fun to play, cheap bingo cards aren’t necessarily always going to be the most economic route – especially if you’re playing to win.

Think about it. Casinos are always going to use the supply/demand model when it comes to making a profit for their business.

So let’s put this into perspective. The cheaper the bingo cards, the bigger the percentage of people playing the bingo games. The more expensive the bingo cards, the smaller percentage of people who are actually going to pay for it.

If you’re playing to win, your chances of winning are automatically increased when playing the big cards.

2. Buy One Get One Free Bingo Games

When it comes to gambling, the main question that you should keep in mind is: “How do I increase my chances of winning?”

Common knowledge tells us that the more bingo cards you have, the bigger your chance is at winning a game.

When playing online bingo, try searching for bingo games that offer buy one get one free. Sites like Bingo Austraila, Bingo Billy, Bingo Fest, and Bingo for money have specials during certain days of the week.

3. Avoid Playing Bingo When Everyone Else Is Playing

Social butterflies, this one is for you.

If your primary goal is to make money when playing Bingo you might want to consider playing when no one else is.

Whether you plan on playing online or plan on going to an actual center, get in touch with the customer service center and find out when the least amount of people there are playing.

Because Bingo is primarily a numbers game, your chances of winning are increased dramatically when fewer people are playing.

4. Whatever You Do, Don’t Drink And Bingo

As tempting as it might be to order another round of drinks while you play, your best bet is to save it for after you play.

Casinos are known for being saturated with liquid courage that helps give their consumers an extra push to buying another card or betting more than they are supposed to.

Whether you’re playing bingo or blackjack – alertness is going to be everything. Never play while intoxicated, buzzed, distracted, or otherwise engaged. You might regret it in the long run.

5. Don’t Get Scammed

If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is. There are a handful of scammers, patiently waiting for gamblers to fall into their trap.

When it comes to gambling – we know that some of it is strictly chance. So if you hear someone stating that a certain number is coming up more frequently, keep in mind that the numbers are always chosen at random.

Never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to gambling, no matter how tempting the chances are.

6. Say Hello To Progressive JackPots

These are going to be pretty solid games if you find them on an accredited website.

The more players that join, the larger the jackpot grows. Because these sites are primarily focused on getting more players, they will often offer you goodies like “Buy 3 get 3 free” or “Invite a friend, get 2 cards free”.

Because progressive jackpots tremendously increase your chances of winning – it was mandatory that we included it in our list of “How To Win At Bingo 101.”

7. Budgeting, Budgeting, Budgeting

As tempting as it might be to buy more tickets when you’re winning, you have to know your limit.

Go into the bingo game with a strict budget so that you know when to pull away even if you’re winning. The key for how to win at bingo will always lie in walking away when you have made the profit.

8. Choose Your Niche

Contrary to popular belief, not all bingo sites are the same. As you become a bingo playing guru – you’ll soon notice that certain bing sites cater to certain players.

Try figuring out what you’re trying to spend on each bingo card. If you’re trying to figure out the best way to win money – you’ll want to find like-minded players so that you won’t get frustrated in the long run.

9. Pay Attention To The Cost Of Cards Vs The Payouts

It’s simple.

Don’t fall into a trance when buying bingo cards. A lot of people fall into the habit of buying cards in hopes of a winning number, not really paying attention to the costs of cards vs the payouts.

It’s all about balance. Playing too few cards will limit your chance of winning and playing too many cards will put you in the hole.

10. Bingo Is A Numbers Game

The chances of you winning a game are really based on math.

It’s safe to say that if there are 100 cards currently being played and you choose to play 5- there is a 5% chance of you winning.

Don’t be afraid to the do the math. You won’t always know the exact amount of cards there are in the room, but feel free to estimate. The higher you are in this percentile, they more likely you are to play a winning card.

11. Check To See If You Can Hold Your Cards For The Next Game

You can’t do this all the time, but it’s worth a shot. Some games allow you to keep the same cards so that you will become familiar with it.

Also, simply asking the orator if you’re able to use any unused cards in the next round can save you a couple of bucks as well.

12. Figure Out If Your Online Bingo Game Is Following A Pattern

Yes! Some online bingo halls follow special patterns when they are choosing winners. It’s always a good idea to keep highlighters and/or markers on the squares that were called.

This is especially good for those who have to step away from their game to attend to personal matters. If you have ever played bingo, you know how easy it is to miss the squares that are called if you are not 100% attentive.

13. Keep Up With The Social Club

When it comes to online bingo, socializing might be a good idea! A lot of times the moderator announces different prizes that can be won within the game.

Although chatting with other players won’t increase your chances of winning, players are always up for filling you in on the random prizes that are up for grabs.

14. Granville’s Bingo Strategy

Even though this is not technically proven to work 100% of the time, a lot of bingo players implement this for their wins.

The Granville Bingo Strategy insists that:

  • Having an equal number of high and low numbers increase your chances of winning
  • Having the same number of even and odd numbers increase your chances of winning
  • Having equal numbers that end in 1-9 increase your chances of winning

As we stated before, there’s no scientific formula that guarantees your wins with this theory, but it has been used in the US stock market for forecasting.

15. Tippett Bingo Strategy

We couldn’t get through our list on how to win at bingo without listing the Tippett Bingo Strategy.

Created by a British statistician, this theory suggests that the longer a game of bingo is, the more likely the balls drawn are going to average 38. It also suggests that the shorter the game is, the closer the balls drawn are going to be to 1 and 75.

Depending on if you’re playing a shorter game or longer game, Tippett suggests your pick your cards closer to their mediums.

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