How to Play Online Bingo: The Do’s and Don’ts Guide

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If you think that bingo is a game reserved for little old ladies sitting in stuffy community rooms, think again.

While bingo is a great activity for elderly players looking to stay active and engaged, it’s also a fun game for adults of any age.

Bingo is a fun, easy-to-play game that anyone can enjoy. And with online bingo halls, you can enjoy a few rounds right from the comfort of your own home.

But while bingo is fun and relatively simple, there are still some things you need to know before you start playing.

Keep reading to learn a few do’s and don’ts you need to know if you want to learn how to play online bingo.

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Do: Learn the Rules

Like any game, online bingo has its own unique set of rules and regulations.

While bingo may not be as complicated as other games, like poker or blackjack, it still has a learning curve.

Sometimes, rules may even vary from one game to the next. A move that is perfectly legal in one game might be banned in the next.

Before you join any game of online bingo, it’s important to learn the rules. After all, you will be playing with real money.

If you don’t understand how the game works, you may lose your money far faster than you are expecting to.

Most online bingo games provide detailed lists or even infographics about their own specific rules.

Or if you’re looking for general rules about a specific type of online bingo, like 75 Ball Bingo or 90 Ball Bingo, run a quick online search. You will get everything from detailed how-tos to video tutorials to help you learn what you need to know to play.

Don’t: Play for Profit (At First)

While you’re new to the game, it’s best to allow yourself to get comfortable playing before you start putting real money on the line.

Even if you think that you know all of the rules and the in’s and out’s of how the game works, actually playing is quite a bit different than reading about playing.

Most online bingo sites will let you play for fun, without posting any real bets, to start. That way you can practice your skills and make sure you know what to do.

Then, once you’ve learned how to play bingo properly, you can make a deposit and start playing for stakes.

Playing for fun is also a great way to test out different bingo games and online bingo sites. You can try out all of your options before you choose the one that’s right for you.

Do: Look for Bonuses

Online bingo sites are eager to sign up new players or keep current ones playing. That’s why they usually offer a number of sign-up or reload bonuses.

For new players, these can be a great way to get some free cash or credits to spend on your first game!

Reload bonuses can help you get back in the game after a loss. The bonuses are free incentives; if you plan to play anyway, you might as well take advantage of them!

Sometimes online bingo sites will also give away free bonuses on social media. Check out the Facebook page of any sites you enjoy playing on to see if they have any giveaways going on.

Don’t: Neglect the Lingo

If you plan to ever play a game of bingo with a chat room, you need to learn the lingo.

Experienced bingo players have an entire language of their own, with abbreviations and slang terms that cover a range of topics you might discuss.

If you don’t want to stand out as the new guy who is bucking traditions, it’s best to learn some of the lingo before you join a chat room. Don’t worry about learning everything; you’ll pick it up as you go along.

It’s especially important to learn a few rude bingo calls ahead of time, so you don’t accidentally offend someone when you’re just starting out!

Do: Take Regular Breaks

When you start playing online bingo, and especially when you start winning, it can be tough to make yourself stop.

But as with any online game, it’s important to take breaks every now and then.

Get up and away from your computer. Go outside for a breath of fresh air. Limit yourself to just an hour or two of play, then put it away for the day and do something else.

Online games are easy to get addicted to because it doesn’t feel as though you are spending real money, and you’re enjoying your game in the comfort of your home.

Extended time in front of a computer screen can also take a toll on your eyes.

Taking regular breaks can help prevent addiction and keep you from spending more than you might have planned.

Don’t: Give Out Personal Information

While chatting with other players is a fun way to enhance your game and connect with others, always be careful about giving out personal information.

Anytime you play games online, you need to know how to protect yourself from cyber criminals and attacks.

While giving out your phone number or email address can seem harmless enough, online criminals may be fishing to scam you or planning to sell your information.

To protect yourself, always keep the chatting to a chatroom. If you do forge a friendship and want to connect away from the bingo site, do so on social media first.

You’ll still need to be careful about the information you give out. It isn’t tough for people to assume false identities or make up details about themselves on Facebook.

But it’s still better to get to know the person on social media first before you think about giving them any other personal information.

Do: Withdraw Money When You’re Up

Online bingo is a fun side hobby. But you should never treat it as a way to supplement your income.

That said, if you are lucky enough to win, make it a habit to withdraw some of your winnings.

It can be tempting to continue playing while you’re up. You might think of it as re-investing your earnings. But one bad game can make those winnings disappear as quickly as they came.

Withdrawing at least a portion of your winnings prevents this. You can still “re-invest” the rest, but why not use some of your winnings to treat yourself to something outside of the game?

Enjoy a good meal, buy tickets to see your favorite band, or buy something you’ve been eying for a while. You’ll enjoy your winnings much more in this way than if you were to simply continue playing with them.

Don’t: Expect a Win Every Time

If you go into your first online bingo game expecting to win every single time, you’re going to be disappointed.

With any game you play, whether it’s based on luck or skill, you will win some and you’ll lose some. Online bingo is no different.

Don’t let one loss convince you to never play again. If you enjoy it and have the money to spend on some games, try again. You might just enjoy a big win the next time!

Do: Consider What Time You Play

Everyone always wants to know how to win online bingo. While the reality is that winning is largely about luck, there are a few ways you can increase your odds.

Carefully choosing when you play is one way.

Online bingo games see more players joining in the evenings and on weekends. This is when people are usually not at work and have time to go online to play.

You might also be free to play during these times. But before you go online at these times, consider how many more people will be in the game at the same time.

The fewer people who are playing, the better your odds at winning. Playing during non-peak times might just help you land your next win.

Learning How to Play Online Bingo

While these do’s and don’ts may not cover every detail of online bingo, they are a great start.

Use them as you start researching the many different types of online bingo and learning the rules and regulations of each.

With these simple guidelines, you can help ensure that bingo remains a fun pastime, rather than an addiction. You’ll learn how to make friends with other online players. You’ll even learn how to make the most of free play and bonuses.

If you’re ready to learn how to play online bingo, click here. You’ll find everything you need to know about online bingo in Australia, it’s rules and regulations, the different game styles you can choose from, and more.


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