The Ultimate Local Bingo Halls Guide in Australia

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Bingo is intensely popular in Australia. According to the Australian Gambling Research Centre, it’s one of the most popular gambling activities in the country, coming slightly before poker.

Bingo isn’t only popular for its money-making potential. A study of older Australian bingo players finds that going to a local bingo hall helps them to feel less bored and socially isolated than staying at home.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best local bingo halls in Australia so you can experience the magic for yourself. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of the turn of the cage, the frantic scramble to find the letters, and the rush of the call “Bingo!”

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The Best Local Bingo Halls In Australia

Before we delve into the best local bingo halls Australia has to offer, let’s pause for a moment and reconsider some of the benefits of playing bingo at the bingo club.

The Joy Of The Bingo Club

There is no shortage of places to play bingo online. The trend is so prevalent that The Economist was predicting that traditional, land-based bingo halls and casinos were going to go extinct, way back in 2012.

Despite these dire warnings, physical bingo halls are enjoying a resurgence. After all, there’s no replacement for the sights, sounds, and smells of the bingo hall. It’s always going to be more exciting to play in-person than through a screen, as well.

Here are some more reasons to play bingo at the bingo club.

Big Jackpots

Nearly every bingo hall will have at least one big jackpot game a night. These pots can get much larger than what you’ll typically find online.

You can typically buy as many cards as you like during these high-stakes games. For those that looking to win big, large jackpot bingo games are enough reason to visit your local bingo hall.

Meals And Drinks

In the recent Steven Spielberg blockbuster Ready Player One, James Halliday, the creator of the virtual paradise “The Oasis,” ends up advocating for real-life at the end of the day. “Reality… It’s the only place you can get a good meal.”

Bingo halls offer a chance for some delicious food and liquid refreshments while you play. Bingo cards go better with some hot, fresh, buttery popcorn or a slice of pizza. Victory tastes sweeter with a frosty-cold soda (or perhaps something stronger.)


Let’s face it, we all spend more-than-enough time online (too much, perhaps, if you work with a computer or in an office.) Between working remotely, using our smartphones for virtually everything, and doing most of our interacting via social media, a huge percentage of our day-to-day routines are conducted virtually.

Do you really want your fun to be the exact same as your work?

There’s nothing quite like face-to-face interactions. We can read so many more non-verbal cues and respond infinitely more quickly. Not only does this make for more fulfilling friendships, it could also give you an advantage when you’re playing bingo!

Special Offers

Physical bingo halls have been doing everything in their power to keep up with online gambling sites. Many halls we’ll mention in this bingo guide offer special promotions as an incentive.

You might consider contacting your local bingo hall and see if they offer any special promotions. If they do, find out when they happen and schedule your bingo trips accordingly!

Now that we’ve taken a look at the benefits of visiting a brick-and-mortar bingo hall, let’s look at some of the best clubs Australia has to offer!

The Best Bingo Halls In Australia

From cruise lines to a century-old mainstay, here are some of the most popular bingo halls located throughout Australia.

Club Rocky’s

Club Rocky’s in Sydney is one of the oldest bingo halls in Australia. Granted a land permit in 1919, Club Rocky’s officially started operations in 1921. They’ve survived numerous depressions and several world wars and come back stronger and better-then-ever each time.

Club Rocky’s requires you to be a member to visit, but that’s to deter the riff-raff. While still catering to the casual gambling crowd, Club Rocky’s does what they can to ensure a more upscale experience. Football jerseys are against their dress code, as are training outfits and tattered clothing.

It all comes together to offer a more glamorous outing, which is nice for those who don’t get to go out all that often. Here’s your chance to get a bit dressed up while earning some cash and having a great time!

Panthers Penrith

Panthers Penrith is so much more than just a bingo hall. This popular New South Wales bingo club is a one-stop-entertainment shop with some form of fun for nearly everybody!

Panthers Penrith features special, themed bingo events multiple days a week. For those looking to fill out their bingo cards in a more interesting, unique setting, Panthers Penrith offers Kids Bingo, Disco Bingo, and even Drag Bingo for the RuPaul lovers out there.

Panthers Penrith also boasts 10 separate restaurants, serving everything from upscale Asian noodle dishes to pizza and pub fare. There’s all manner of shows and special events, as well, in case someone in your party isn’t into playing bingo.

Taken together, Panthers Penrith may be the perfect family outing or even an adventurous company outing!

The Star Casino

There’s a Star in every major Australian city. That means that anyone looking for a lavish, upscale casino experience can find one whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, or The Gold Coast.

Like Panthers Penrith, Star Casinos are more like an immersive entertainment experience than just a bingo club. Each location offers numerous luxury restaurants as well as a food court and casual dining.

Each Star location is open 24/7, so there’s something for late-night gamers as well as for families looking for a fun day on the town.

The Star features bingo in their new Star Social Lounge. They offer four sessions two times a week, on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. For those looking for the big payout, The Star’s big jackpot game is on Saturdays at 1 and 4 PM.

Fawkner Bingo Centre

For those looking for more of a pure bingo experience, Fawkner Bingo Centre is one of Melbourne’s finest bingo experiences. It doesn’t offer all of the bells and whistles of The Star or Panthers Perinth, but that’s a benefit for the dedicated bingo lover!

Instead, Fawkner Bingo Centre focuses on the gameplay. They offer some of the highest payouts of any bingo club in Australia. The ‘Rolling Jackpot’ feature means winnings can get quite large, at times. They also offer a special $75,000 Members Only drawing every Monday.

Fawner Bingo Centre is open six days and seven nights a week. They’re there for you if you’re looking for a dedicated bingo club to become your bingo base.

P&O Cruises – Aurora

Not all of Australia’s best land-based casinos are actually on the land. Australia features some excellent bingo halls on the water, as well. P&O Cruises’ Aurora ship is one of the best for those looking for family-friendly fun of all shapes and sizes.

The Aurora’s onboard casino is a firm favorite for bingo lovers of all experience levels. Cash prizes are offered every day you’re at sea. Jackpots roll over and continue to grow when there’s no winner.

Best case scenario, you might earn back what you’ve spent on the entire cruise!

Club Southside

We return to land finish our tour of the best bingo halls in Australia with one of the biggest and most-expansive bingo halls in all of Queensland. Club Southside presents as a classic bingo hall, with its retro design and aesthetics. That’s a bonus for the serious bingo player, as well as those with a fondness of the Golden Age of ’70s/’80s bingo halls.

Club Southside is open seven days and seven nights a week. They’re always there when you’re looking to fill out a scorecard or kick back with some friends. Club Southside gives out over $100,000 in cash prizes each week, however. If you’re there, you might want to pick up a card and test your luck.

Speaking of cards, interior design is where Club Southside’s retro sensibilities end. They’ve adopted the latest technology, including touch-screen tablets for their bingo cards. You won’t have to mess with messy marker pens.

Bingo clubs bring the best of gambling and socializing together. They’re less high-stakes than your average table game and they’re more social than playing the lottery. If you’re looking to combine the thrills of winning a pot with the laidback fun of chatting with your mates, bingo clubs are where it’s at.

Looking For More Australian Gambling Tips?

You’re not alone! And for good reason. Australia offers all manner of gambling entertainment, from sports betting to local bingo halls. Check out our features to find in-depth information on everything you need to know about gambling in Australia!


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