How to Win Scratch Offs Online and Off: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for a fun way to earn some quick cash? Have you thought about trying your hand at online or offline scratch off tickets?

If you know how to win scratch offs, you could be making big money in no time.

In 2017, Australians who got in on the scratch-it lottery ticket trend won over $9 million dollars, according to Australia’s network news site The news site claims that lucky winners came from all from over Australia to cash in their winning tickets.

Some of the lottery’s biggest wins have resulted in gains totalling millions of dollars.

The scratch-off lottery craze is helping people turn their tickets into cold, hard cash.

How would you like to be the next lottery ticket winner?

We’re sharing the lottery strategies that could make you rich.

Read on to find out how to win scratch offs!

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Your Ultimate Online and Offline Lottery Guide

Maybe you’ve known someone who’s already hit it big playing Australia’s lottery and now you want to see if you could get lucky, too.

People are winning millions playing Australia’s hot money-making lottery tickets. And, it isn’t just Australians who are walking away from the lotto with major cash.

Winning tickets have made people all over the world instantly richer.

Could the next lucky ticket be yours?

In our guide, we’ll reveal how to win scratch offs and more tips to boost your chances.

Is it Possible to Increase Your Odds?

Some would swear it was good old-fashioned luck that helped people win mega-bucks with scratch lottery tickets. But, there are others who believe there is a way to increase your odds.

The Three-Rule Secret Formula That Has Produced Multiple Success Stories

One lotto-winning millionaire from the United States, Richard Ludwig, has made a career sharing his method with others. Surprisingly, his clear-cut instructions have produced several winners. And, Ludwig’s scratch-off strategies have even led some devotees to share his millionaire status.

Ludwig’s method is a cut and dry minimal instruction set that is so simple, practically anyone could follow it.

His now-famous lottery strategies include the following three hard and fast rules:

  • Set a budget and do not go over it
  • Research the locations that sell tickets, and only play your hand at places where there are unclaimed prizes to be had
  • Never buy fewer than 10 tickets and buy them from the same ticket roll

Ludwig’s rules for winning appear to be geared towards offline consumers. But, they could feasibly apply to online lotto gamers as well.

While his method is extraordinarily easy-to-follow, there are others whose winning lottery strategies include much more complicated formulas.

One Winning Multi-Millionaire’s Strategy That Won’t Work For You

Not every winner’s formula is likely to be a win. When devising your own strategy for how to win scratch offs, you must look at how well the method that you are modelling applies to today’s Australian scratch-off lotto industry.

What has worked in the past might not be how to win scratch offs in a modern-day market.

One case where this appears to be true is that of Romanian-born lotto wiz, Stefan Mandel. The 14-time lottery winner used his skills to win multiple jackpots, finally walking away from his career with a U.S.-based $27 million dollar prize.

Mandel travelled the world raking in mega-wins. After devising an initial plan for success in North America, he took his luck, and his family, and moved to Australia off his earnings.

His gaming genius finally exhausted Australia’s scratch-off market. And, he purchased his final tickets before retiring from the U.S. state of Virginia.

The North American state’s lottery would prove to produce Stefan a sizable profit. With the money the multi-millionaire won, he is now living on a beach in the South Pacific.

But, experts warn those hoping to cash in on Mandel’s strategy that it’s not likely to result in future wins for gamers. The strategy that worked for him would be near-impossible to reproduce in this day and age.

Mandel won his millions based on a probability method where he was able to identify what he believed to be every possible winning combination. He then bought every ticket that stood a chance of winning. Although this strategy made him rich, leaders in the gaming industry claim that there are now far too many combinations for anyone to successfully replicate it.

How A Statistician’s Proven Strategy Becomes a Win for Industry

Not every mathematical lottery strategist is cashing in on their skills.

One geological statistician came up with a predictable pattern, which could be used to outsmart Canada’s billion-dollar lotto industry. But when he discovered the flaw that could have cost the industry millions, he turned his findings over to Ontario gaming officials.

The flaw, it was found, could effectively scam the Canadian lottery. Officials have since fixed the flawed system so that the scratch-off strategy realized by Mohan Srivastava is no longer an issue today.

Some of the lotto’s historically winning strategies may no longer pay off for individual players today. But, in the past, the Australian lottery has managed to turn out wins for every-day citizens, which benefitted even many non-gamers.

The Australian Lottery Produces a Historical Win for its Citizens

Some argue that the Australian lottery itself should be considered a win. This may be due to its potential to boost Australia’s government-funded programming, such as the broken hospital system that the lottery helped mend in the early 1900’s.

After fending off a backlash from churches and many citizens, the government passed The Lotteries Act in 1931. The act was created as a way to save the hospitals, which were undergoing a crisis at the time.

Back then, families stood in line at The State Lottery Office to purchase their chance to win the government-run lotto. The lucky ticket was sold to an Australian housewife named Eileen Morton.

The decision to create a state-run lottery, which made Morton a winner, also proved a win for Australians hospitals, which were nursed back to life with the profits.

Today, Australia’s lottery system is comprised predominantly of for-profit gaming giants, such as Tatts.

There is one state government lotto still operated in Western Australia.

Since the historical win for Australia’s hospitals, more people have become accepting of the lottery. But, while the game may be more popular than it was back then, winning continues to be mostly shrouded in mystery.

Making the Most of Your Chances to Win

Most of us probably feel like our chances of winning the lottery are one-in-a-million. Yet, there is no shortage of players willing to take that chance every day in hopes that they’ll get lucky.

And, winning may not be as far-fetched as you think. Business Insider estimates your chance to win over $2 million dollars in Australia’s Gold Lotto online game is just over 1 in 200,000.

People have attempted to figure out how to win scratch offs years. But, there are masterminds constantly at work to ensure that it’s not easy to figure out how to win scratch offs.

It might not be possible for an average Joe to unlock the industry’s statistical probabilities and collect millions. But, you can learn tips on how to win scratch offs that may boost your chances to win.

Advantages of Playing the Online Lotto

Playing scratch-off lottery tickets online has several advantages for gamers, including:

  • Less time consuming than in-store purchasing
  • Greater opportunities to choose random number combinations
  • Ability to take part in global multi-million dollar pots
  • Tickets can be stored unlike paper tickets which be misplaced

When it comes to knowing how to win scratch-offs, the same rules seem to apply to both on and offline gaming.

Top Tips on How to Win Scratch Offs

One secret to how to win scratch offs is to increase your probability. This is one of the surest ways to increase your odds. The more tickets you buy guarantees you a greater opportunity to win.

Beyond that, how to win scratch offs may come down to developing your own personal winning strategy rather than following someone else’s rules.

Sticking to the rule of probability may help some up their chances. Another way to do this is to purchase multiple consecutive tickets from the same roll.

If you are able to have some control over your picks, as some online gaming sites allow, then don’t look for patterned picks. For example, choosing a number that repeats itself over and over may not be the best way to win.

Finally, you can be your own best asset for deciphering how to win scratch offs if you are willing to perform a little research.

Find out which games have the best odds. And, stay away from games that have already used up wins on other players. Instead, choose the games that have the most wins available when you purchase your tickets.

If you don’t have a clue how to win scratch offs, following these simple tips can help you make the most of your ticket buys.

Buy Your Winning Lotto Tickets Today

The best way to win the lotto is to play the lotto. If you don’t try, you can’t win.

Why not try your luck online today?

Get your scratchie tickets now to boost your chances of winning big!


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