Can I Parlay That? How to Maximize Your Gambling Profits

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The gambling industry in Australia turns over more than $24 billion each year. Gambling can be a lucrative way to make a great deal of money. With our tips, we teach you how to maximise your gambling profit.

It is a well-known and accepted notion that gambling is the game of chance. People play it for fun, excitement, and many things except for profit. By profit, we are not referring to the winnings that you get. 

That in itself is profit since you are able to acquire in return, something worth more than what you have placed in. But if you look at gambling as a whole, many would disagree.

This is due mostly to the fact that it is a widely accepted notion that gambling is based on probabilities and there is no way to ascertain probabilities.

However, there is such a way as wise gambling and if you follow certain principles, you can minimize losses and maximize the profits (winnings) that you get.

In this article, we will discuss with you some of the principles and techniques that have been found to be lucrative means that are proven to increase gambling profits while playing games of chance.  

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Develop a Smart Gambling Plan

There are numerous games available in the casinos. Although there are general rules in the game of chance, there are specific approaches that you can employ depending on the type of game.

You may not have checked it yet, but there are many available techniques that can be learned for specific games online.

You may not be able to employ all these strategies right away but like they say, “experience is the best teacher” and there is no faster way of learning from your experience than having some knowledge about certain techniques that you can use in a particular game.

So you still need to spend some time in online betting and in the casinos for you to be better.

But, knowing these techniques would give you a better edge and would significantly expedite your learning curve. You’d be surprised at how these techniques can actually work and why many people don’t know them yet.

Fun is supposed to be a big consideration in playing but since your main consideration is to win, and maximize your winning profits, you might also want to consider the type of games that pay the highest. These games are ranked as high paying in casinos:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Roulette

These games are known to pay the highest because they have the highest odds of winning. However, if you are better at or more inclined to play a different game, that’s up to you.

That’s absolutely fine. My main point here is that there are surprising techniques that you can simply learn online to pump up your game. Always consider the type of game(s) that you want to focus on and learn. This way, you will have a better focus on getting better. 

Understand the Concept of Parlay Betting

In gambling, you win or lose.

That is one absolute truth, without which, it isn’t called gambling anymore. You have to accept that notion and work within that as part of the considerations in making your strategies.

So, your main goal should be higher profits in case you win, and lesser losses if in case you lose. How do you do that? One effective and brilliant way to do it is through parlay betting. By the term “parlay”, it refers to a group or multiple bets which are to be treated as one wager.

Take for example, if you are betting for a ball game, and there are three games, instead of betting for each individually, you bet for the three games as one wager by trying to win all of them.

This is very similar to an accumulator bet wherein a series of bets are combined as one single bet. What makes it a good choice then?

As you see, when you bet for three individual games with an amount of let’s say, $100 each and win all of them, your total profit would be less than $300.

However, if you parlay bet for the same amount on three games, your profit would be around $1,700. Amazing right? Moreover, you can bet one-third of that amount ($100) and get the more than twice of what you can win by betting $300 in total for three games if you bet on them individually.

On top of that, your losses when betting in a parlay, you lose the entire bet. However, if you compare it with the winning amount, it offers higher winning and lesser loss by comparison.

How Are Parlay Winnings Calculated?

The best way to play parlay and get real-time calculation is by betting online. Online betting provides for a real-time calculator to give you an idea about your potential winnings. Another way is for you to use an online calculator.

There are options you can choose from and just have to fill in the details required for each game.

Do Not Bet More Than Two Per Cent (2%) of Your Bankroll

Savour the fun and don’t get carried away by the challenge and excitement to get a quick large profit in one sitting. Take your time. The basic known principle is not to go over the two per cent ceiling.

Betting is such a streaky activity and you always have that possibility of going through long losing streaks.

Again, when you earn big, don’t get carried away by throwing big. If you combine this mindset with parlaying strategies, you would be decreasing your odds at a significant level.

Take Advantage of Software Apps

If you are into online betting and you want to raise your game to a whole new level, you can get serious with making gambling a profitable game by purchasing online software to develop your strategies.

These applications are backed up by a database wherein, if you put in certain variables, it will give you a status of how your team is faring compared to others. This is something that the public mostly doesn’t know of.

Along with this strategy, and with the presumption that you are really into this game that you usually bet into, it is always best to know the trending stats. These software apps would better help you and multiply your strategy when coupled with the trends in stats. 

Focus in a Single Team and Betting Against the Public

When talking about games betting, especially sports betting, it is always best to not jump from one team to another. 

If you are working on a strategy, especially if you are in the level of using software apps, what you would want is to refrain from making your odds more unpredictable. However, it shouldn’t stop you from betting for a different team when it appears to be showing better chances of winning.

Another thing that works most of the time is always to bet against the majority. Going against the majority allows you to gain an edge. 

However, it entails a lot of guesswork. So far, no sports magazines or books provide for these sorts of information. With this, you will need to do some observations. 

Some examples of things to observe are which teams usually get more airtime. If you usually watch ESPN, this is very easy to detect. 

Does a single team’s member maintain a horde of fans? Are there current controversies? You can learn more and add to the examples we gave.

One thing that you also need to understand is that although betting against the majority gives you an edge, anyone can be using this strategy as well.

That makes it even harder to predict. However, if you really want to focus on this strategy, you are on the right spot because many skilled gamblers/debtors made it big time using this strategy alone. 

Get Serious Gambling Profits

The strategies we have discussed are very effective when applied in the betting game. However, since they are very effective, many serious gamblers/bettors are most probably using them.

That doesn’t leave it useless though. 

Understanding the principles of gambling makes you realize that going against the majority is always an edge and you can always bank on the fact that most bettors only bet for the fun and excitement.

The serious and skilled ones would always belong to the minority because gambling, like we said, in the beginning, is not considered by most as a lucrative source of income. This is due to the notion that everyone thinks of it merely as a game of probability.

Well, you know better now and you can start working through those probabilities and work your way up.

This is the real game for the minority like you. You play both for the thrill of the game and developing your game strategy, not to win all the time, but to lessen the odds and maximize your gambling profits.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can read through some top strategies here


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