How to Make Money by Betting on the World Cup

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The 2018 Fifa World Cup has kicked off and is in full swing. And people around the globe are getting in on the action and indulging in a little football betting.

If you’re one of them and need advice on how to achieve some success by having a flutter on the tournament, look no further. We’ve got a few tips for you to consider. And if you’re new to the game, and want some beginner’s tips, these guidelines will help you too.

With these World Cup betting tips, you’ll be a little wiser about how to play your money and who to put your hard-earned cash on.

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Get to Grips with the Tournament

It can be confusing when looking at the World Cup as a tournament, trying to get your head around it to place your bets. There are a vast array of opportunities when it comes to betting, both off and online.

The best thing to do is simplify it a little, and get to grips with the way the World Cup works.

The 2 years and 4 months qualification process narrowed the 210 teams into just 32, currently now playing in Russia for the most coveted prize out there. While close to 4 billion will be watching this year’s tournament, there are plenty of people betting on it.

The 32 countries have been split into 8 groups of 4. Each country faces each of the other countries in their designated group at least once. This ultimately determines who will be going into the next round.

So Australia’s Group C are playing against Peru, Denmark and Spain in three separate matches, for example. The winning teams will go through to the next round, where they will face the winning teams from the other groups.

This will ultimately result in a final at the very end of the tournament.

How Should you be Making Bets?

Here are some of the best tips you can use when placing bets on the 2018 World Cup.

Individual Team Bets

This is the first type of bet you’ll find out the outcome of: betting on a country winning their matches and/or going through to the next round. This type of bet is a more focalised bet and is of higher risk. This means higher returns. Especially if betting on an underdog.

This method provides you with a strategy, and takes the randomness out of betting. It’s also easier to check odds on individual teams and harder to do this with other types of bets.

Match Outcome Betting

Why is betting on individual match outcomes a good strategy? Put simply, it takes the “loyalty” out of a betting technique.

If you are choosing teams to bet on out of individual attachment, this can be detrimental. Take the emotion out of it.

Being unbiased and more clinical about World Cup betting not only helps manage expectation, it can only be a good thing for your betting budget.

Continent Majority Bets

This is less heard of, but it can be lucrative to go for a wider-reaching betting method by placing bets on a continent.

The short tip here is to bet on either Europe or South America. Plain and simple.

Understanding Terms of Bets

It’s absolutely crucial to know what the terms of any bet you make are. This isn’t always easy with football bets as some of them will ask you to make a bet on a specific team to win both halves in a match. This can get confusing.

For example, if the team you’ve bet on goes up 2-1 in the first half, scores nothing in the second half but still wins, you are not going to win big like you thought you would. In fact, you lost. No money for you!

So check those terms before you make any bet and avoid disappointment down the road.

Expel Emotion and Avoid Always Betting on Favourites

As mentioned earlier, taking out any emotional attachment is key. Be realistic when investigating who you should bet on if you truly want to make money from the World Cup.

It’s also tempting to bet on favourites. After all, it’s surely a shoe-in. Wrong. There is absolutely no reason a favourite won’t be taken to the cleaners by an underdog – taking you there at the same time.

So don’t be fooled. Yes, favourites are favourites for a reason, and they may win. But don’t go crazy placing a heap of money on one well-revered team only to suddenly get a nasty shock. Nothing is a sure thing in this game.

Do your research ahead of making these bets so that you know how certain teams play against one another. Look at match history and past World Cup outcomes. This is a much smarter way of betting. By doing this, you can narrow down upsets and understand how to bet on football and win.

Who’s Who: A 5 Team Guide

Here we have listed 5 teams calculated to do well at the 2018 World Cup, potentially leading you to a big money win.

5: France

Fresh from performing well in the 2016 Euros, France’s notoriously “tricky” team are said to have settled their internal differences of late, making them more of a secure bet.

They didn’t have the best qualifying round though. But all these factors are perhaps an indication that they could well be on the verge of something big this tournament.

4: Argentina

With Lionel Messi on Argentina’s team, surely they’re on the path to big things? The issue here is that they qualified thanks to his hat trick, and only by a hair’s breadth.

However, Argentina also has Dybala, Banega, Aguero and Di Maria who are slowly becoming hot names in the world of football. This is essentially a case of not ruling out anyone just because of a dicey past performance.

The fact is, Argentina had a lot to overcome in the qualifiers and they did it. They have also been runners-up in their last 3 major tournaments.

3: Spain

Spain has had a rocky 4 years, with them not making it out of the group stages in the 2014 World Cup and then being knocked out in the last 16 of the Euros in 2016.

But their potential success lies in the magnitude of their newly-promoted young players, who have proven to be very threatening. These guys could be Spain’s secret weapons. Isco, Morata, Asensio and Thiago are some of the newbies recruited to back up the more established Ramos, Pique and Iniesta.

In addition, they did superbly in the qualifiers. They won 9 times, drew once and conceded only three times. This is an exciting team.

2: Brazil

Brazil was, of course, the hosts of the last World Cup, but failed to better their progression to the semifinal. In fact, it was all a bit embarrassing, losing to the hands of the Germans, 7-1, before losing their third-place play-off 3-0 against the Dutch.

But times have changed. They have sacked manager Dunga, replaced him with Tite, and are very much on the rise.

Also, in a stark contrast to the very taxing qualifying group they were in (with Argentina who struggled), Brazil actually did very well, winning the group by 10 points, scoring 41 goals, and conceding just 11. They only lost one game in the end.

1: Germany

They won 2014’s World Cup and Germany aren’t looking to passing that trophy on anytime soon.

The last time the Cup was retained by a side (Brazil) was around 50 years ago. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be done again. And what makes it all the more likely is that the team has developed into an even better one since 2014. Germany is an example of true tactical evolution.

Germany won all 10 games in their qualification group. They have a manager with 12 years of international managing under his belt, Joachim Low.

All of these factors point to Germany being a key team in this tournament. And they will want to cling on to that Cup.

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