10 Hacks For How to Bet on Football and Win Big Money

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There is, unfortunately, no way to guarantee that you will win money if you bet on football fixtures. But there are ways that you can increase your chances of winning dramatically.

If you’ve been thinking about how to bet on football and win, you should take a step back from your normal approach and reconsider the way you’re betting. You might be able to maximize your chances of winning big by taking a new approach to placing bets.

No one is ever going to win 100 percent of the football fixtures they bet. But there are ways to become a better sports bettor over time.

Here are 10 hacks that will help you get started.

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1. Study Football and Know the Game Inside and Out

This should almost go without saying. But in order to be a successful football bettor, you need to know the game inside and out.

Sure, you can get lucky every now and then and win a bet on a fixture that you didn’t know anything about. But the only way to have long-term success while betting on football is to pay close attention to the teams and players you’re going to be betting on.

You should also keep a close eye on things like injuries and where matches are being played. These aspects will help you to make sound decisions when it’s time to make a bet.

2. Resist the Urge to Bet on the Favourite Every Time

One of the mistakes that a lot of rookie bettors make is only placing bets on favourites to win fixtures.

It’s understandable why some of them do this. They can’t figure out how Team A, which is undefeated, could possibly lose to Team B. It just wouldn’t make sense!

So they put down a large sum of money on Team A, only to see Team B trounce Team A in an upset. Or a draw takes place and they don’t get the chance to collect winnings.

While there are many instances in which favourites will win, you should consider all of the possibilities and do your research so that you know how certain teams play against one another.

If you pick your spots right, you can pinpoint upsets better and understand how to bet on football and win.

3. Steer Clear of Accumulator Bets in Football

Accumulator bets have become very popular in the football world because they give bettors a chance to combine two or more bets to maximize their winnings.

You can place an accumulator bet, which is also referred to as an acca bet, by picking two or more teams to win fixtures. The more teams you put into your bet, the more money you can ultimately win at the end.

The problem is that you can pick four out of five fixtures right with an accumulator bet and walk away with nothing. All it takes is one upset or even one injury to ruin what might have otherwise been a good day.

While you can mix accumulator bets into your betting strategy from time to time, you shouldn’t rely on them too often.

4. Avoid Betting on Too Many Fixtures at Once

Even if you manage to steer clear of accumulator bets, you might think that betting on a bunch of football fixtures separately at one time will increase your odds of winning more often. But this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

In reality, if you bet on five football fixtures as opposed to just one, you’re probably not going to see much of a profit. You’re also not going to be giving yourself enough time to do the research it will take to investigate each fixture you bet on.

Rather than spreading your money out on multiple fixtures, pick one and hone in on it. Find out everything you can about the matchup between two teams and do your homework until you’re satisfied with picking one side to win.

You might not end up winning. But you will ultimately give yourself a better chance to walk away a winner when you bet on fewer fixtures.

5. Avoid Placing Bets on Fixtures Every Day, Too

Betting on sports and betting on football, in particular, can be a lot of fun. It can be tempting to wake up and do it every single day. Trying to figure out how to bet on football and win is exciting for most people.

But the problem is that, if you bet on football all the time, you’re going to struggle to turn a profit. Just like you shouldn’t bet on multiple fixtures at once, you also shouldn’t bet on fixtures on a daily basis.

The more you bet, the more likely you are to lose. So avoid betting every day and instead stick to betting just a few times during the week, at most.

This will give you the time you’ll need to do your research and make reasonable decisions. It will also prevent you from developing an unhealthy addiction to gambling, which could lead you to make bad choices.

6. Consider Betting on Fixtures That Might Fly Under the Radar

Sports betting has become very popular over the course of the last few years. As a result, bookmakers have opened up their books and offered bets on more fixtures than ever before.

But here’s the thing: Bookmakers can’t possibly set the right odds for every fixture. And more often than not, they slip up when it comes to setting odds for lower-level fixtures that might not get a lot of attention.

This is a good spot for you to strike. If you do your research, you can find fixtures that are off of most other people’s radars that offer attractive odds.

You, of course, want to be careful about wandering too far off the beaten path. Some people will mistakenly think they see value in a football matchup that no one else cares about only to come up empty.

But you should consider educating yourself about some of the fixtures that aren’t going to attract much attention. There is a lot of money to be made in betting on them.

7. Bet on Something Other Than the Outcome of a Fixture

Most bettors like to place bets on the outcomes of football fixtures. It’s where most of the money is won and lost in football betting.

But bookmakers will also offer odds on things that take place within fixtures as well. For example, you might be able to place a bet on whether or not a particular player will score a goal.

While you don’t want to get too inundated with these types of bets, you might want to consider placing one if you’re on a cold streak and failing to hit your normal bets.

It’s a great way to shake things up. There is also some real value in finding quality bets that don’t involve picking the winner of a fixture.

8. Make Sure You Understand the Terms of Confusing Football Bets

While betting on something other than the outright outcome of a football fixture is a decent idea, you do want to make sure you understand the terms of any bet you place.

This can be tricky when it comes to football because there are some bets that will allow you to make a wager that calls for a specific team to win both halves in a match. This can cause confusion when a team goes up 2-1 in the first half and then goes on to win the game by the same score.

You think you’ve won your bet. But in reality, your team won the first half 2-1 and then tied the second half 0-0. That means that you lost your bet.

This can really put a damper on a good day, so always check on the terms of a football bet before you put it in.

9. Pick the Right Time to Place a Football Bet

In general, you usually want to place bets on football fixtures on the day they’re scheduled to take place.

There are some football bettors who will attempt to get a jump on things and get better odds by betting on fixtures in the days leading up to them.

This isn’t the worst thing in the world, but there are factors that could affect the odds by the time the fixture actually arrives.

For example, an unexpected injury could sideline a team’s best player and turn them from a favorite into an underdog. Likewise, the weather on the day of a match could turn the tide and swing the odds in a different direction.

You should pick what you think is the best time to place a bet. More often than not, it will come on the day of a match.

10. Stop Chasing Your Losses

This might be the most important hack of all, so pay attention!

You are not going to hit every bet you make on football. In fact, you would be lucky to hit half of the bets you make.

So if you take a bad loss or, worse, go on a losing streak, resist the urge to chase your losses in an effort to make your money back.

Doing this sets a bad precedent and will more than likely lead to you losing even more money.

If you lose a few fixtures in a row, go back to the drawing board, analyze why certain teams you bet on lost, and come up with a better strategy for making bets moving forward

This won’t ease the sting you feel when you lose. But it will set you up to turn things around and start winning again.

Use These Hacks to Learn How to Bet on Football and Win

Knowing how to bet on football and win is only half the battle.

You also have to stay disciplined when you place bets on football fixtures and pick your spots to give yourself the best chance to win. Just like any casino game, it’s all about getting the best odds and taking advantage of them.

Check out our blog to read other articles that will help you win more often when you gamble.


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