How to Create the Ultimate Slot Machine Strategy

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Planning to win at the slot machines? Did you know you can beat them and win big even on online platforms too?

The rise of online casinos is unstoppable as technology advances forward. It’s expected for the industry’s market share to rise up to $60 billion by 2020. As for Australia, the total gambling expenditure per year is at $23 billion, making them a major contributor to the industry.

With this, it provides a lucrative means of earning money as long as you got a great slot machine strategy and know which games offer the best odds. When it comes to winning in slot games, the toughest part is to look around for good advice. Some slot machine tricks work and it’s easy to learn while others could damage your gambling strategy and lose you money.

Read on to learn how to win at casino slots.

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How Do Online Slot Machines Work?

There are lots of casinos running various slot machines with seemingly different themes. But regardless of the kind of slot machine you opt to play, their function remains the same and operate using the same principles. At its most basic form, you place a bet and let it spin while the internal coding in the machine determines whether you score a win or lose each time you spin.

Slot machines use random number generators or RNGs. Before the player starts the spin, the RNG goes through millions of number combinations. As soon as they hit the button, it stops and it displays the result as the reels stop their spin animation.

The great thing about these machines is that third-party agencies check them for fairness and reliability. Once they ascertain that the results couldn’t get rigged, they certify the machine and put it to good news. Due to this fact, no amount of intrinsic luck can affect the outcome of each spin.

Once you hit the spin button to spin the reels, you get the assurance that each result is a unique event. But when it comes to pure chance, what kind of strategy should you use to ensure that you get the most out of this game? Here are some things you need to do to formulate the best slot machine strategies:

1. Take Advantage of No Deposit Bonus Codes

Online bonuses are great means to start off your gambling career. Almost every online gambling site offers some sort of bonuses when you sign up and start playing their games. But the catch is that some of these websites demand deposits or for you to win a certain amount before you can claim it.

But what most online gamblers don’t tell you is that if you know the best places to look, you can get lots of online bonuses for free. With slot machines based on pure chance, the best strategy is to give yourself as many slot advantages as possible. What this means for you is that you need to seize all opportunities that can get you ahead of the game.

Always take note of the fine print. This allows you to know the terms on how to claim your slot prizes. There are online casinos out there that have nefarious conditions, so do your research beforehand.

2. Check out the Competition

When it comes to online casinos, the competition to attract new players is fierce. Take advantage of this situation since it can net you a lot of free spins or casino bonuses. Don’t hesitate to switch to casinos that give great bonuses–you’re empowered since these casinos fight each other to get you to play on their website.

But what makes a casino bonus fantastic? At its foremost, you need to take a look at the wagering requirements. This serves as a multiplier that dictates the amount you need to bet before you can cash in your bonus.

A lot of online casino bonuses don’t allow you to withdraw the bonus on its own. You need to meet the wagering requirement first before you can cash it out. So, when searching for great casino bonuses, the lower the wagering requirements are, the better.

The best ones out there have no wagering requirement since any earnings from the casino bonus are yours to keep. Couple that with bonuses that don’t come with maximum cash outs, you can start earning money without worrying about paying for anything to start.

3. Look for Loose Online Slots

While the term loose slot refers to mechanical slot machines that suffer from some sort of defect, this term can apply to online slots too. Searching for them can make it easier for you to get payouts. This is despite the fact that online slots operate using random number generators.

Some of the good slot machine tips to win is to look at their payout rate. It goes without saying that it’s wiser to move on if you haven’t won in a specific slot machine you played for a long time. Don’t fall into the trap that increasing your bets will increase your chances of winning as well.

The random number generator ensures that no matter how much you bet, your chances of winning remain equal. So, if you’re on a losing streak, it’s better to try your luck at a different slot online. Remember, a lot of people agree that slot machines have low odds of winning, so don’t dwell on any one machine when you lose a lot.

4. Local vs. Progressive Jackpots

Two types of jackpots exist in online casinos: local and progressive. The former often pertains to the specific casinos so the players playing the same slot game get the same generated money. The jackpot for the same game can change from casino to casino.

As for progressive jackpots, several participating online casinos pool the players’ money to make the jackpot. Most come in multi-slot forms that bring an increasing mega jackpot from several casinos collaborating together.

Not all online slots have the same rates so it’s more important to build your strategy around local jackpots. The jackpot is smaller but when it comes to the probability of hitting it, it’s bigger and more reliable. Progressive jackpots are really hard to win since you’re competing with a larger group of people.

5. Be Wise with Bets

A lot of online casinos out there advertise that you should always place the maximum bet. Their reasoning behind it is the fact that slots have multiple pay lines when you bet max. That means you can cash out on different line winnings, and it’s a long-standing fact in the gambling community.

But at the same time, remember that the slot machines function using random number generators. Your chances of winning remain consistent regardless of whether you bet on one pay line or all of them. Take into consideration the fact that online slots carry with them a certain degree of volatility.

Slots that carry higher volatility don’t pay you as often but when it does, you get bigger winnings. If your strategy revolves around these types of slot machines, you need to bet a little higher to make the wins worth it. Factor in the multipliers and it’s possible to cash out massive winnings.

It’s best to play on slots with low volatility since you win more on a regular basis. It pays out smaller wins so it’s best to give out smaller bets. Take a much slower approach and make sure you aim to hit more wins whenever you take it for a spin.

6. Play for Free

If you’re starting out and you want to improve your chances of winning and increasing your odds, the best way to do so is to play for free. Always try finding online casinos that give new players the opportunity to play their online slots without any charge. That means you can build a better strategy and learn from mistakes without having to pay for it.

This also allows you to scout and learn about the pay tables as well as the features and other factors like multipliers and wilds. You can learn more about the odds of winning when using bonus rounds. This can help you decide whether you want to stay in that particular online casino or move on to somewhere better.

Learn Better Slot Machine Strategy Today!

Getting good on slot machines can require patience and luck. With online slots using random number generators, you need to ensure that your slot machine strategy revolves around getting as many tries for free. This allows you to build the money you can use for betting.

Always remember that betting higher doesn’t increase your winning.

Bet what you can afford to lose and use these little tips and tricks to get some of the randomnesses out of the equation. Doing this can at least decrease the odds of you losing and increase your winnings.

It’s not bad to bet on progressive jackpots every now and then, but if you want to make a living out of slots, go for local jackpots since you have more chances of winning.

Do you need to know the best casinos in Australia? Visit us today to read more about it.


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