The Ultimate Blackjack Tips Casinos Hope You Don’t Learn

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Blackjack offers some of the best odds of any casino game. This makes it one of the most popular games in today’s casinos.

But what if we told you that you could improve your odds by employing a few simple tips?

The house always has the advantage when it comes to gambling. And that’s not going to change anytime soon. But you can improve your personal odds of winning by employing these tips.

Here are our some ultimate blackjack tips that casinos wish you didn’t know.

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Never Drink While Playing

This is our first tip because it’s by far the most important tip. You’ll never win at blackjack (or any casino game) if you’re drunk.

Alcohol inhibits your ability to make the right choices. It fogs up your mind so you’ll have a harder time deciding on your next play. And it makes you more reckless with your betting.

Drinking and casinos go hand in hand. And it’s okay to drink if you aren’t planning to play serious blackjack. But if you are, leave the drinks at the bar.

Never Play Too Long Without a Break

This is true for almost any activity that involves sitting at a table for long periods of time. Get up and move around from time to time. If it means you need to sit out a few hands, go ahead.

Sitting too long causes your body to become uncomfortable and takes your mind away from the game. Moving around brings fresh oxygen to your brain so you can make better choices.

Leave Your Superstitions and Emotions at the Door

If you believe in lucky dealers or lucky seats, it’s time to move on. It turns out, there’s no evidence that a certain seat at the blackjack table makes you any more likely to win than another seat. And all the dealers play under the same rules.

Emotions are a curse when it comes to gambling. And keeping emotions out of your face makes it easier to bet.

Plus, when you get emotional, you’ll lose more money. That’s an almost guaranteed fact. Emotional betting is no good for a serious gambler.

Memorize a Strategy Chart

There are many basic blackjack strategy charts available on the internet. Pick one that fits your style of play and matches the tables you plan to play at.

Don’t just glance over it, study like you’re trying to pass the most important exam of your life. That way, you’re prepared for any card combo on the table.

There are different strategies for different types of tables. For example, if you’re playing on a high-stakes table with $50 minimum bets, you’ll need a different strategy than you would at a $10 minimum bet table.

Know your casino before you choose a strategy. Then you’ll know the limits and the payouts for various tables at the casino.

Here are a few insider tips for strategy:

  • Always hit a soft 17 (meaning A, 6). You don’t have much to lose by hitting here and you’ll increase your chance of getting a higher score.
  • Always stand on a hard 17 or greater (meaning 10, 7+). In this case, the odds that you’ll bust are higher than the odds that you’ll get closer to 21. Stay put.
  • Always split As and 8s. This has to do with odds. Aces have limited risk and 8s give you the chance to have two hands of 18.
  • Never split 10s. Your hand is a 20 right now with two 10s, you aren’t likely to top that if you split them.

But remember, basic strategy doesn’t win in the long run. You’ve got to play a lot of blackjack to cut the house advantage.

Stick to the Smaller Bets, Fewer Decks, and Better Payouts

When you walk into the casino, the air is charged and you’re excited to play. But don’t sit down at the first table you see. Search around and find the best table available.

What we mean is, find a table that’s right and gives you the best opportunity to win. Some tables have better odds for the house. Here are a few things to look for in a good table.

Number of Decks

The fewer the decks, the better. Why? The more decks at a certain table, the better the casino’s odds.

Your playing strategy should have something to do with the number of decks used at the table. When you memorize your playing chart, make sure you know how many decks it’s for.

But beware: many casinos give tables with fewer decks lower payouts. The lower the payout, the better the casino odds.


Knowing the payout of the table is a big deal. This is where many newbies get taken by the casino.

It sounds nice to play on a table with only one deck, especially if you plan to count cards. But these tables often have terrible payout ratios.

On the flip side, watch the tables with lots of decks. You may think the table with eight decks will have the better payout, but not necessarily. Your job is to find the sweet spot.

The best payout offered at most casinos is 3:2. Meaning for every $2 you bet, you have the opportunity to win $3.

A payout to avoid is 6:5. Meaning you have to bet $5 to win $6. The odds belong to the casino in that situation. And you’ll often see these payout odds on low deck tables.

Bet Small

It’s also best to play at tables with lower minimum bets. We understand the thrill of playing high stakes tables with $50 minimum bets is alluring. But try to resist.

The best blackjack players in the world know that they won’t get rich right away. Small ball is an excellent strategy for long-term success.

The perfect table has the right mix of all three of these measures: a solid payout ratio, a reasonable number of decks, and a low minimum bet.

Manage Your Money

The goal of every player is to win, right? But most players don’t manage their money and end up losing.

Before you gamble, always have a bankroll. Don’t roll into a casino with $50 in your pocket and expect to create winnings. If you want to leave the casino in good financial shape, you must play many games.

The longer you play with a good strategy in place, the more likely you’ll make money. Bring 50 to 100 times the minimum bet as your bankroll for the evening.

Also, set a loss limit. You’ll win money, that’s for sure. But it’s also sure that you’ll lose money.

The goal is to leave the casino having won more than you lost. So set your loss limit before you enter the casino. And stick to it!

Once you’ve lost a certain percentage of your original bankroll, it’s time to cut bait and try a different day.

Know the Tricks of the Trade

Casinos use a ton of tricks to get you in the door and make you stay. Let’s go over a few of the most common casino tricks.

Casino Design

Although it may seem like a mish-mash of machines and tables, casino design is well thought out. Everything is in a certain place for a reason. And it doesn’t make much sense to the average Joe.

Slot machines are the primary teaser and they place them strategically around the casino. Gambling tables tend to be in the same general area, but not necessarily. There are always nooks, crannies, and separate rooms to confuse you.

Want to use the restroom? Good luck.

You’ll find most facilities hidden off at the very back of the casino. Food is usually hard to find, too. And that means you need to walk all the way through the casino to get back out.

They also hide the entrance and exits by creating walls of machines surrounding them. It makes it hard to see them from most areas of the casino floor.

Lots of thought goes into the lighting and colour scheme. Everything you see brings pleasant, happy feelings. The lighting is dim and warm to make you feel safe.

Alcohol and Other Free Stuff

Alcohol is one of the most effective tricks the casinos use to take your money. Most of them offer free drinks to active gamblers.

Nothing makes you sloppier with your strategy than alcohol. The casino knows that and hopes to get you as sloppy as possible.

Alcohol isn’t the only thing they use to make you sloppy. They use free perks keep gamblers in the casino longer. This includes free hotel nights, buffet tickets, and points toward winning other items.

Enjoy free perks, but don’t let them keep you gambling longer than you like. Remember, keep your bankroll intact and stop gambling when you’ve reached your limit. No matter what free stuff they’re giving you.

Blackjack Tips for Winners

If you spend some time learning the tricks of the trade, you’ll get the best out of your blackjack experience. That includes having a solid strategy that you’ve memorized beforehand.

You also need to create enough bankroll to allow you to play until you’re able to win. You need a loss limit to know when to stop. Avoid alcohol and the freebies that the casino throws your way.

Remember to take breaks to drink water and keep your mind alert. And avoid superstitions and emotions while at the blackjack table.

Keep these blackjack tips in mind for a successful casino outing and hopefully, a bump to your bankroll.

If you’re a beginner looking for the basic rules of the game, click here for our beginner’s guide.


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