The 5 Best Casinos In Gold Coast, Australia

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Gambling is big business all over Australia. The country is home to several annual poker tournaments, and we only expect more growth in gaming as familiarity with the industry seeps into pop culture.

As one of Australia’s hottest resort towns and holiday destinations, Gold Coast offers the ability to gamble in idyllic surroundings.

Who wouldn’t want to indulge their fantasies of dropping big bucks in the midst of beaches and beautiful new buildings? Buy a nice suit, hop into a classic car, and cruise the strips with your winnings. It sounds like paradise.

Thanks to the rise of casinos in Gold Coast, this fantasy is closer than ever to reality.

So where should you go to roll with the highest of high rollers? Read on, and we’ll hip you to the classiest casinos this coastal city has to offer.

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Casinos in Gold Coast: 5 Easy Drives

Gold Coast hasn’t yet cracked the top five largest cities in Australia, but at number six, it’s close. When we think of Gold Coast, we tend to imagine surfing and easy beachgoing.

We love those things too, but we think exciting nightlife has its place in the Gold Coast picture as well. The problem is, the industry is still growing in the area. With Gold Coast only 40 miles from Brisbane, the capital city of the state they share in Queensland, it has a bit of a shadow to step out from.

So we’ve gotten creative with our list of these five gambling spots. Technically, only one of them stretches the definition of what a casino is, but we think you’ll agree it counts because of the vibe and the ability to gamble freely.

To ensure we scooped up all the best casinos in the area, we’ve made sure to include all the casinos we could find within an hour drive of Gold Coast. Only two are directly within the city limits, but the others are worth the trip.

And don’t worry, we’ve kept Brisbane out of this.

Caveats aside, let’s take a tour of your best bets for casino gambling in and around Gold Coast.

1. The Star Gold Coast Casino

If you’re looking for heavy hitters, you’ve found the place. The Star Gold Coast Casino is the premier destination for gamblers in Gold Coast. It’s the biggest and best full-fledged casino in the area.

The Star Gold Coast also has a history. It opened its doors in 1986, when it became the very first casino in Queensland.

20 years later, in 2006, the owners refurbished the place to the tune of $53 million dollars. That money went toward expanding the casino’s two gaming floors into one giant area for games of chance.

You want pokies? The Star Gold Coast has pokies galore. Try 1600 of the bad boys.

You want poker? Will 70 tables suffice? That includes games of baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and sic bo.

No? That’s not enough? Then how about an assortment of private rooms and lounges off the main area when you can play more clandestine poker games?

As if all that weren’t plenty, the Star Gold Coast began expanding its casino and hotel complex in 2017. This place is going to be a Vegas for Queensland all to itself.

You can also call the Star Gold Coast the casino that never sleeps. The place is open all day, every day of the week.

And as you read on, if you’re wondering why we didn’t include the Jupiter Casino, it’s because that’s the original name of the Star Gold Coast. So, in a way, we did!

2. Club Helensvale

If the Star Gold Coast is the Superman of Gold Coast casinos, Club Helensvale is the Spider-Man. It’s the funkier, more underground companion piece to the Star Gold Coast’s brash headline-grabbing.

That said, Club Helensvale is no place to laugh at. It’s hard to compete with the sheer numbers the Star Gold Coast puts up, but Club Helensvale exceeds regular standards with its number and variety of facilities.

Club Helensvale prides itself on the warmth of its gaming room. The staff are friendly, know their stuff, and they offer free soft drinks, tea, and coffee to lubricate players and keep them lucky. There is also a fully stocked bar in the gaming room.

If you’re looking for food, Club Helensvale offers snacks at its Cafe 22.

When it comes to the games themselves, gamblers won’t be disappointed. Club Helensvale has over 200 gaming machines, all of the most recent vintage. This includes linked jackpots such as Fast Lane, Money Train, Lightning Link, Jetsetter, Players Paradise, and Jackpot Carnival.

Another benefit of this smaller casino is its membership program, which gives those who join perks like bonuses for their birthdays and other discounts.

Club Helensvale is located less than a 30-minute drive from Gold Coast in Helensvale, Queensland.

3. Fitzy’s Casino Loganholme

4. Fitzy’s Casino Waterford

We’ve paired our next entries together because, well, they’re part of the same franchise. But they each have their own qualities to recommend them, and we’ll not skimp on those details.

But first, a little about the Fitzy’s Casino franchise.

The company prides itself on its identity as a “pub for everyone.” Fitzy’s goal at both casinos is to create an environment that is friendly and vibrant.

The whole community is welcome at Fitzy’s. So while there is plenty of gaming to be had, there are also many dining options and other fun like karaoke and sports betting.

Now onto the specifics of what separates the Loganholme location from Waterford.

The Loganholme facility just came out the other side of a major renovation, which gives its pokies lounge a spacious and comfortable feel.

There are 45 of the latest pokies at Fitzy’s Casino Loganholme. This includes nine entirely brand new machines and six new games.

Fitzy’s Waterford actually boasts the same number of pokie machines and the same refurbished facilities. Forty-five appears to be the magic number at Fitzy’s, so take note.

But at Fitzy’s Waterford, there are 12 new games instead of six. The facility also includes the following linked jackpots: Money Chimes, Cash Magnet, Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Players’ Paradise, and Jackpot Carnival.

Both Fitzy’s Casino locations are less than 50 minutes away from Gold Coast by car.

5. Gold Coast Turf Club

Here’s where we expand the definition of “casino,” to be generous to ourselves.

Yes, Gold Coast Turf Club is technically a racecourse. But with several bars, restaurants, and lounges, plus the obvious on-site betting that comes with the territory of racing horses, we say it counts.

And Gold Coast Turf Club is a beautiful facility, located a stone’s throw from the Surfer Paradise Beach, a hotbed for tourists and locals alike. Once you’ve exhausted your shopping capabilities at the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, enter the cool confines of the Gold Coast Turf Club to replenish your wallet or drain it blissfully.

Gold Coast Turf Club plays host to all sorts of special events, from galas and corporate functions to birthday parties, weddings, school formal dances, and Christmas parties. If you can’t celebrate Christmas with one of Santa’s reindeer, a horse is the next best thing.

It’s wise to remember that betting on sports, including horse racing, takes different tactics than playing poker or sitting at the pokies. We suggest you brush up on your ways to win and mistakes to avoid before you make your trip to GCTC rather than trying to cram while on your phone in one of the bar areas. By then, it will be too late.

Whether you choose to dive into the gambling available at GCTC or take it easy in one of the lounges, you’ll find your trip enhanced by the presence of gourmet food all around. And yes, Gold Coast Turf Club does cater.

Another reason we consider GCTC a perfect fit for this list? It’s the only facility other than the Star Gold Coast that is in the city of Gold Coast proper. Chances are decent you can walk there from where you stay.

All That Glitters Is Gold (Coast)

Gold Coast is an exciting play to holiday in Australia, and casinos in Gold Coast are a great way to spend that holiday. You may have to do a little traveling. But it won’t be much, and it will certainly be worth it.

Whether you’re looking for glitz and glamour or a little more personal touch, Gold Coast’s casinos have got you covered.

And if it’s a different kind of gambling you’re looking for in Gold Coast, we’ve got you on that front.


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