A Complete List of the Different Ways to Play Bingo

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Finding it hard to win at bingo?

You’re not the only one! Only 3% of Australia’s gambling population takes part in regular bingo games. This doesn’t mean the game is close to becoming an inactive one, though.

The bingo scene in Australia is still as alive as it was back when it was first introduced.

Back when bingo started, the original participants played it as a hobby and not really for big financial wins. With years of experience playing bingo, they’ve discovered different ways to play bingo. Finding the most suitable playstyle allows them to achieve the most success.

New players are often unaware of this, though. Most newcomers stick to the generic version and this is the reason they end up losing when playing bingo.

If you find yourself in this situation, read our guide below to learn the different ways you can play bingo and win.

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Different Bingo Games

Let’s first look at the different variations of bingo you can play. These variations often only differ in the highest number the caller can announce the party.

1. 90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo means there are 90 balls the caller can draw from. This also means there’s a smaller chance for the caller to draw any number you may need to call out bingo. This also applies to other players, so you can expect a 90-ball game to last quite a while.

To make up for longer games, there are often bigger prizes for anyone who gets bingo. It’s also a common practice among bingo halls to set different prizes with different conditions. This gives the players more chances to win, keeping them hooked to the game.

90 ball bingo cards also have a different look compared to other cards. Instead of the 5×5 card, you get a card with 3 rows and 9 columns.

Despite the number of spaces you get, though, you can only have 15 numbers in play. You can choose your numbers from 1 to 90 to fill in the 15 spaces needed on the card.

Picking the correct numbers and filling them out before anyone else will get you a big prize. Lure luck to your side when you want to play 90 ball bingo to win the best prizes of the night.

2. 80 Ball Bingo

You can often find this variant of bingo in online bingo websites. The card for this variant comes as a 4×4 grid. This means you can have an easier time filling out your card.

This variant has different patterns to play towards though. The reason for this is that filling out your card in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal way is easier since there’s one less space to worry about. Instead, there are special patterns to follow for a chance to win in your online game.

The patterns often vary on different websites. Don’t worry about keeping track of the numbers as websites put them on display for you while playing.

3. 75 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular and known variant of bingo. This variant uses the typical 5×5 card with a free space in the middle. The bingo hall often gives you bingo cards already filled in with random numbers.

Some bingo halls allow you to fill in your cards with your numbers. This is often the go-to halls for people who expect to win all the time. However, having 75 numbers to choose from makes it impossible to win all the time.

It’s the easiest to win at 75 ball bingo games as you only need to fill in 5 consecutive spaces. The addition of the free space in the middle also increases your chances of having a winning card.

4. 30 Ball Bingo

A 30-ball bingo variant is a popular option among younger players. This is because this is the quickest bingo variant available to play. This is the reason “speed bingo” is a popular nickname for this variant.

Because of the quick nature of 30-ball games, the prizes are smaller compared to other bingo variants. What makes up for it is the fact that you can play more games in a set period. This makes it the ideal variant if you plan on playing multiple games in a row.

Remember not to lose yourself and play too many consecutive games, though. Winning a game can make you want to play more to win more. Remember that taking breaks and not expecting to win all the time are among the dos and don’ts of bingo.

Different Ways to Spice Up Bingo Night

If the simple variants of bingo don’t appeal to you, here are more different ways to play bingo. These focus on creating a unique gaming experience for you and your group.

1. Create Custom Bingo Cards

Creating custom cards to use for bingo can make the experience more fun for everyone. Instead of putting the usual random numbers, why not put in things which your group can relate to?

A good example of this is if your bingo group has a lot of cinephiles in it. In place of the numbers, you can put in movie titles. This will make each tile unique, and it will help you play to their interests.

If you know only a little about your group, you can settle for things people have common knowledge for, like food. Replace the numbers with pictures of food to bring a refreshing look to the usual bingo night.

2. Add a Theme to Game Night

Themes are a great way to keep things interesting and it will make the ensuing planning easier for you if you plan on setting up bingo for your friends and family for the night. Don’t limit yourself to the bingo cards and numbers, though.

Explore other aspects of the night, such as the snacks and the ambiance. A Hawaiian themed night could involve tropical décor along with fruity drinks and snacks.

3. Consider Doing Card Swaps

You can lots of excitement to the game by introducing the card swap mechanic. This involves each player trading their current cards with other players no matter what they have.

You must get your player’s permission first, though. Introducing this mechanic out of the blue can catch people off guard and can get a negative reaction from them.

How you incorporate the swap in the game is up to you.  You can make it so everyone has to swap to the person to the right whenever a number with a 7 on it gets drawn. You can also give them a chance to get their get back by having them swap to the left every so often.

4. Introduce New Bingo Patterns

A simple way to make your game different is by eschewing the traditional ways of winning the game. This means introducing new ways of getting bingo. You can use the unique patterns online bingo games often use for their players.

This often means players have to fill in more spaces to call out bingo like in the W bingo pattern. You can balance this out by reducing the pool from which you draw numbers. This gives your players a higher possibility of marking their required spaces.

5. Increase the Risk and Rewards by Pooling Money

Bring back the reason that makes bingo a secret casino jackpot and increase the prize pool of the game. This option also requires you to get the permission of your players beforehand. This is to ensure they understand they’re risking their money in the game.

A great way to get everyone involved is to have everybody pool their money for the prize. This will get everyone excited to play the game and make it more competitive.

6. Set a Tier List of Prizes and Add Unique Conditions to Win Them

Setting different tiers for the prizes for game night is a great way to ensure everyone gets a chance at winning. Setting different prizes for people who fulfill special conditions allows everyone to look forward to winning.

What’s great about this is you get to decide the conditions and their appropriate prizes. You won’t have to worry about spending too much on rewarding someone for doing something small.

This will make the game more fun because even when someone wins, players know they still have chances.

7. Incorporate Human Bingo to Your Games

Human bingo is a unique take in bingo because it involves knowing the people joining the game. It’s best played by people close to each other. This is because instead of numbers, you’ll fill the spaces with things the person of interest did or will do.

Encourage players to make their cards in human bingo. This is the reason people who know a lot about each other should be the ones playing this.

The person of interest will be the one they’ll make a card about. Deciding the person of interest is up to you. This bingo variant will be a test of how well you know your friends.

Learn the Different Ways to Play Bingo Today

Bingo can sometimes be repetitive if you play the same variant for a while. Breakaway from the usual by knowing about different ways to play bingo today!

It’s unsure if you win your money back or not when you play bingo or when you gamble in other ways. This is the reason you need to know when to quit when gambling. Read more tips to avoid spending your money to help you save more of your money!


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