10 Secret Gambling Tips That Will Make You Money

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Casino games are great fun! Sure, you can keep on playing, but it’s always better when you win!

You may have heard about house edge and other mystical terms that could get you a fortune. Truth is, if you want to have a blast while making money at the casino, you need to play like a pro.

Read on to find 10 secret gambling tips that will help you make a fortune while playing your favorite games!

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1) Bet Strategically

If you want to start winning, you have to consider strategy. Lots of gambling sites suggest you should go all-out and bet big, but that’s now how fortunes are made.

When it comes to strategic gambling, there are many ways to dominate a game. Even when dealing with online casinos, a solid strategy will maximize your chances.

For example, the “go big or go home” advice will see you moneyless in no time. Since you can’t bet with no money, that’s a terrible strategy to follow. Instead, stretch your stay by making smaller bets.

Smaller, individual bets will increase your odds and make it more likely to win in the long term. Whether you bet a single dollar or a million, your chances remain the same. With prizes remaining lucrative even when betting low, it is more sensible to make tons of smaller bets than a few larger ones.

Sure, small bets might feel less exciting than betting your whole budget on a single spin, but it is the sensible thing to do. Also, by stretching out your stay, you maximize your fun in addition to your winning chances.

2) Budget Responsibly

A strategy will only get you this far if you’re not managing your budget effectively. Good money management is important to win BIG! All pro players keep tabs on how much they spend and set aside a dedicated gambling budget.

It’s important to commit yourself to a specific amount of money before hitting the casino. Never spend more than you have set aside for gambling. That’s easier said than done, as you will have to factor in winnings and consult your notes every time you place a bet!

Thankfully, there are better ways to budget your gambling money. Try rotating your gambling money as you play. For example, start with small wagers and roll them up into larger sums for the next game. That way you can’t bet more than you can afford, and you have an extra incentive to keep on winning.

3) Research the Odds

This is a golden tip when it comes to online casinos. All online casinos utilize computer algorithms to manage their games. They are required to be fair and give specific payouts to players in order to operate legally.

This gives an amazing opportunity for professional gamblers to research each casino’s odds and pick the games that give better chances. Odds and payouts will differ across games and different casinos. That is why it is important to research multiple games and be flexible.

Especially for slots and pokies, odds can vary dramatically. Some pokies are extremely generous with their payouts, while others have very low odds of winning. Know these facts in advance and you can win BIG!

4) Forget “House Edge”

Lots of gambling gurus discuss house edge and how you can earn from it if you keep on playing. The idea is simple. House edge means that the casino only gets 10% or less of all wagers. This implies that 90% of all bets go back to you, but in reality, more people lose than win!

House edge is relevant only if you play for a very long time. Sure, if you invest years of gambling, your earnings will even out thanks to house edge, but that’s not something you can rely upon.

A low house edge doesn’t favor the player. Winning is all about knowing when to hit and when to surrender in card games, and when and how to bet in pokies. The house edge only measures how much the house is making, not how much you will make if the house loses.

So, forget about the house edge and focus on your gambling strategies. If you are late to surrender because you’re hoping for the house edge, you’ll be toast!

5) Go for Short Odds

A golden betting strategy, playing the short odds is tried and tested. Sure, it might not be as flashy as chasing those elusive long odds that boast insanely payouts, but it’s more effective.

Betting conservatively might feel less thrilling than going all-out, but as we’ve seen earlier, it’s better to focus on short odds.

Lots of modest wins are better than a few huge ones, and short odds will pile up to a tidy sum as time goes by. This is true both for pokies and table games.

6) Read the Rules

Before entering a casino and firing up an individual game, read the rules. All online casinos have a ton of rules and fine print that explains how to play the game. If you plan on beating a slot machine or getting big payouts from tables, you must read up first.

For example, some pokies will only give you a chance at the jackpot if you place the maximum bet. Most progressive slots are like that, but many other custom games have similar rules.

A game’s rules will set the pace for your strategy. You can’t expect big payouts from beginner games, but you should always read the fine print.

If you don’t understand how a game works and what makes it pay out money, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

7) Aim to Have Fun First

You gamble to have fun. This should be your first aim if you want to be successful. When playing pokies, pick the games you find most entertaining. If you are not having fun, you will waste time even if you win money.

Sure, hitting big progressive jackpots can change your life, but you need to enjoy yourself while chasing that elusive maximum payout!

However, no matter the entertainment, you should track how much money you are betting and how much you are making.

If you find yourself losing uncontrollably, you might want to try some free slots or casual tables instead. Most of the fun is there, but you don’t risk any real money. If not free tables, bet conservatively. You can have a lot of fun and surprising earnings with just a few cents per bet.

8) Practice

As with all things, practice makes perfect. You can practice most online casino games for free in free mode. This gives you most of the fun, as we mentioned before, but none of the risk. When you feel comfortable with your skills, you can start betting real money and see the payouts pile up!

By practicing on free mode, you are learning the rules with zero risk. For games with complex strategies like Black Jack, practicing is almost mandatory before trying the real deal.

So, read tutorials, play free tables, and get better before tackling a live dealer.

9) Manage Your Psychology

Perhaps the most important factor to your success is your own psychology. Many gamblers lose their cool and act irrationally. This can lead to big loses and anxiety while playing something that was supposed to be fun.

You can’t control the odds and lady luck won’t always smile on you. What you can control are your own mood and decisions. Gambling should be a fun pastime and not a compulsion or some kind of escape mechanism.

Many players enter a casino with no clear plan, lose money and then walk out miserable. This is NOT the way to play. Instead, make up your mind about the budget, set aside your fears, and gamble to have fun!

If you can’t control yourself, set personal limits. Also, going to the casino with friends helps you focus on what matters most.

Don’t hesitate to take breaks. These won’t “reset” your luck. Instead, a break will clear up your mind and help you enjoy the whole experience more.

10) Join Communities and Read Reviews

Finally, remember that you are not alone. Millions of people enjoy casino games just like you do. When it comes to finding the right casino for you, it’s best to check what other players are saying.

Gaming communities and casino review sites will help you find what’s best for you and steer you clear of shady sites.

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