The Best (And Easiest) Lotteries to Win in Australia and Around the World

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Did you know that there are actual professional lottery players in the world? 

For example, Steve Player boasts 27 lottery wins in the States including two major jackpots. Then, there’s Richard Lustig who has bucked the odds to win seven grand prizes and Stefan Mandel who picked winning numbers 14 times in a row.

They all share one important thing in common apart from loads of money. They each credit their immense earnings to mathematical probability rather than luck. 

Player and Lustig have even written books and invented systems to help people use the odds to their advantage. But you don’t need to purchase their books or subscriptions to their websites to gain the advantage of their insights.

Instead, find the easiest lottery to win and start buying tickets. It’s that simple. Here’s our shortlist to get you on the fast track to some serious winnings.

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Why Finding the Easiest Lottery to Win Matters

Before we dive into which lottery is easier to win, let’s explore the rationale behind this approach to jackpots. Although it may feel tempting to buy loads of tickets for that upcoming Powerball drawing worth $5 billion, the odds are against you.

How against you? About one in 292 million in every drawing.

Lottery hackers like Player recommend sticking with pick-3, pick-4, and pick-5 games. At least until you get a sense of the trends and patterns that impact the numbers drawn. With multiple draws per week, you’ll maximize your odds of a win. 

But if you side with most probability experts and see Player’s methodology as somewhat laughable, the better approach remains going with the lottery most likely to win.

This means targeting lotteries with better odds and more payouts. Yes, you’ll compete for smaller jackpots. But unless you’ve got a crystal ball that spits numbers, then it’s worth going smaller. 

In general, the bigger the jackpot, the longer the odds of winning. So, avoid the most popular games out there, such as Powerball and EuroMillions, and think little. Your goal? To find the lotteries with the best statistical odds of winning. 

Other Tips for Maximizing Your Chances of Winning a Jackpot

Besides looking for lotteries with the best odds, you should keep a few other strategies in mind when it comes to upping your odds of taking home some cash. 

Betting often ups your chances of winning. So, get consistent.

You should also buy more than one ticket at each go. Why? In essence, each double entry improves your odds of a win by 50 percent. 

Besides these tips, stop fixating on the main jackpot. Instead, diversify your investment by betting on all draws. Don’t forget to check out the extra games, too.

These additional games won’t necessarily turn you into a multimillionaire, but they will provide extra cushion for your bank account.

What’s more, as Player points out, these extra bits of cash are great for reinvesting in future lotteries to gain more experience. That way, you’ll never feel as if you’ve lost essential money just because your numbers don’t get called. 

Consider brushing up on basic statistics to help you make better lotto choices. This will also help you develop your own strategies and methodologies as you progress. 

With this in mind, check out our breakdown of the best lotteries to win. Hopefully, you’ll be saying, “Strike me lucky!” before you know it.   

The Polish Mini Lotto

If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to the Polish Mini Lotto, you’re not alone. This lottery represents the baby brother of Poland’s main lottery. And, as you may have already guessed, the name refers to its diminutive jackpots. 

Jackpots hover around the $89,480 mark. While this may not get you too excited, you’ll still end up with a nice stack of bills. What’s more, your odds of winning prove exceptional. 

You’ve got a one in 850,600 chance of winning this prize. When compared to Powerball’s odds, you quickly start to see what all the excitement’s about. 

What’s more, at $0.45 a ticket, the Polish Mini proves the cheapest lottery that you can enter. And since draws happen six days a week, you’ve also got far more opportunities to win.

The French Loto

Another easy lottery win is the French Loto. Just remember it won’t turn you into a cashed-up bogan. Prizes tend to be small, especially below the top two tiers.

That said, your odds of winning are just one in six. Not bad. Especially if you’re committed to consistent play.

When it comes to the top prize jackpot, however, your odds drop from one in six to about one in 19 million. Jackpots start at a minimum of $3,191,383 and roll over by another $1,595,833 every time no one produces the winning numbers.

The Swedish Lotto

If you don’t want to settle for anything less than a multimillion-dollar win, then give the Swedish Lotto a try. With odds of one in 6,724,520, it represents your best chance of winning after the Polish Mini Lotto. 

Games start at just $1.50, and you can opt into the bonus for as little as a $1 more. Another $1.50 beyond that, and you’re also added into the Lotto 2 drawing.

This results in 16 different ways to theoretically take home a jackpot. And your total investment? A measly $4.

The Austrian Lotto

After the Polish Mini and the Swedish Lotto, your next best bet strictly based on odds is the Austrian Lotto.

You’ve got a one in 8,145,060 chance of bringing home the jackpot. What’s more your odds of winning any prize is one in 12. In other words, you should see a win once every dozen games. 

To up your odds of a prize with this game, use a Combo or system bet. This means picking at least six numbers to automatically activate this feature. You can also select six additional numbers raising your total picks to 12.

The beauty of the system? With the Combo pick, you can enter all combinations of your chosen numbers. This increases your odds of taking home a jackpot exponentially. 

The Australian Saturday Lotto

If you’d like to stay a little closer to home with your lottery investments, then give the Saturday (or Gold) Lotto a go. Odds are one in 8,145,060 to win. This puts it in the top five when it comes to the easiest lotteries to win.

Part of a series of Australian lottery games that also include the Monday and Wednesday Lottos, the Saturday has a distinct advantage over the other two.

The jackpot rolls over from draw to draw and hovers around a solid $4 million. You should also keep your eyes open for occasional First Division prize increases. These range from $18 million to $30 million. 

To play, you’ll select six numbers from one to 45. To bring home the First Division prize, you’ve got to choose all six numbers drawn. With six divisions total, matching as few as one or two numbers can result in a cash prize. 

Interested in learning more about the top jackpots in Oz? We’ve got you covered. Check out our full breakdown on your best bets when it comes to lottery tickets. Or, learn more about scratchies

The Irish Lotto 

Finally, there’s the Irish (or National) Lotto with odds of one in 10,737,573. Although not as great as the Polish Mini, the jackpot dwarves its Polish counterpart, and your chances still remain well above those of games like EuroMillions. 

The jackpot minimum is $3,193,599, which means this prize could put you in instant-millionaire status. The Irish Lotto gets played every Wednesday and Saturday.

With each Irish Lotto ticket, you can also get automatically entered into the following lines:

  • Lotto Plus 1
  • Lotto Plus 2
  • Lotto Plus Raffle

Each additional line costs $1.60 per entry, which means an economical way to up your hopes of winning a prize. 

The Irish Lotto also offers a subscription plan paid in monthly instalments. That way you never have to miss out on a draw. It entitles you to automatic entries for each Wednesday and Saturday event. 

To play, choose six numbers from one to 47 or use the random number generator. Each line costs $3.19. But the game requires players to play at least two lines, which means a minimum investment of $6.39.

Put the Odds in Your Favor

Now you’ve got the inside scoop on the easiest lottery to win. You also have a better concept of how to put the odds in your favour so that the next person holding a big check for flashing cameras is YOU.

That said, financial experts still agree that investing in lottery tickets will come with a fair share of losses. And if you win? Here’s what you need to know before turning in your lucky ticket.  

But if you’ve got some cash to spare and enjoy the challenge of picking winning numbers, then give one (or more) of the six lotteries above a try. Just remember to be consistent with your betting and use our tips to increase your odds of a prize. 

Interested in learning more about ways to gamble and win in Australia and abroad? Why not give a night at the casinos a try? Read on for 10 pokie tips to up your odds of a great payout.  


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