Sports Betting 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Sports

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According to the UNLV center, sports betting has grown by more than 440% since 1984. Betting on sports is one of the fastest growing online businesses.

People from all over the world are opting for betting every day, hence making the industry popular. Unlike other gambling platforms, in sports betting, bettors have the confidence of investing billions of dollars every year.

With advancing technology, more and more people are looking for ways to take advantage of it and make a substantial income. Betting gives you an opportunity to know more about different games and respective players.

If you are thinking of getting into sports betting and you are unsure how to start or have zero experience with the industry, you don’t have to panic. This blog will share with you all the sports betting 101 to ensure you bet like a pro.

Additionally, if you are already in the betting industry but you think it is not giving you better returns, we are also here for you. Take your time and read through this guide and you will know the dos and don’ts of the industry.

Here is a complete guide for betting for both beginners and bettors who are yet to make returns from betting.

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Sports Betting 101: What Is The Meaning Of Odds?

Odds are the main stay of the betting business. If you are looking forward to becoming a successful bettor, then understanding the term odds is a step in the right direction.

The outcome of a single bet is non-relevant if you don’t put the odds into action. In other words, odds are the inverse value of certain occurrence probability. Therefore, the higher the odds, the more unlikely the occurrence.

A good bet is when the probability indicated by odds is lower than the probability of occurrence X. For instance, if you evaluate a probability of occurrence at 90 percent, odds of 1.15 present value. Therefore, your bet will be determined by your odds’ probability and their occurrence.

Setting the Stakes

The most overlooked aspect of betting is setting the stakes. It is essential to note that utilizing single strategies in setting stakes will not make you rich in the industry.

Additionally, using bad strategies might result in losing profits due to cancellation of good bets.

This might sound a little confusing, but with a few tips, you will be scoring more winnings than you thought possible. Everyone, even the novice, has a habit of raising the stakes when they achieve the winning streak.

When all the games go your way, you will begin feeling invincible and may end up making the wrong choices. If you are on a streak, step back, take a deep breathe, and think twice.

With better judgment, you have a higher chance of increasing your winnings and stake in each bet you make.

Remember that luck has no memory. For instance, picking four football games in a row correctly never affects how the NBA-picks will end up.

The bad and good stakes are part of the betting processes. Plan your staking strategy and stick to it. Each punter will face a worse beat than before; sometimes longer and other times shorter. Thus, more money is lost than is won.

If Bets

If bets are perfect for bettors who need to diversify from the money lines, spread bets, and the totals. These are the universally available types of wagers for sports bettors.

It gives you the freedom to connect two straight bets. However, the second bet is always dependent on the first. Here if the first selection wins, the second one is the action or live bet.

So, if your first bet does not win, the second one will not become active.

The outcomes are as follows:

  • You could win the first and second
  • Win the first and lose the second
  • Win the second, lose the first
  • Lose both

These bets are available for most sports including, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. It is also available on college categories.

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

The truth is, once you get into sports betting, you should expect things to go wrong. Do not expect perfection. However, there are some common mistakes that beginners tend to make which will certainly cost money.

While these mistakes could be part of your learning curve, it is crucial to learn them beforehand and figure out ways to avoid them altogether.

Here are some mistakes you want to be aware of when sports betting:

Following Your Heart Instead Of Your Head

A huge mistake that most beginners make is to go with their heart. In most cases, the first gut feeling may get you a win but will not maintain it. Most people start by placing bets on their favorite teams.

For you to bet on sports successfully, it is vital to think of the complex logistics involved. Think about how unpredictable sports can be.

A team may win all the games in a season and lose the most critical one. The teams can take wrong turns at any time.

So, do not put your loyalty to one team only. Team members can get injuries, chemistry can be lost, and coaches can get changed mid-season. Loyalty, in these cases, will not pay.

Seeking More Winnings from Parlays

The parlays are great because they allow you to risk a small amount of money for a huge payout. While they do not have the thrill that comes with sports betting,  they do give players the chance to win over the long haul with the straight bets.

The truth is the juice that bookies take on parlays is more than that of straight wagers. What does this mean?

Well, the house does not always give correct chance on parlays and thus it winds up maintaining a huge percentage of the parlay wagers.

Not Considering Money Management

Money or bankroll management is a vital part of sports betting. It is a necessity for those who are experienced. Most beginners do not consider it at all.

If you are a person who only bets for entertainment, your discipline when protecting your money is high. However, if you are thinking of doing it a little bit more, you need to set specific rules that will limit how much you spend each day.  

It will also limit the sizes of your betting units.  A unit here is the wager size compared to the percentage of your general bankroll.

The units will help you track the losses and winnings over the course of the season. It is crucial to follow personal guidelines and maintain self-control.

Betting When Intoxicated

For the same reason you should use reason instead of going with your gut, you need to bet while sober. This will ensure that you do not lose too much money and that you make a reasonable choice on the team you place a wager on.

Alcohol is a spokesperson for all bad decisions. Placing wagers while you are intoxicated can cause poor money management that will have you regretting when you are sober. If you are planning to drink alcohol, place the bets before and then start drinking the beers.

Unmanaged Expectations

The truth is that sports betting will test your knowledge of sports, players’ strengths, and their coaches.

Many beginners assume that basic knowledge of the sports and the teams’ histories will get them the wins and make them successful bettors. However, this is not always the case.

Sports betting, as mentioned before, is a sophisticated form of gambling that requires a lot of strategic timing and knowledge of the market.

It even pays more if you know the best of the number and the favorable line before it changes. You, therefore, need discipline, proper money management, understanding of trends and chemistry, and understanding what the best bet is.

It also pays to know when not to bet at all. You also need to understand that there are no proper lock-ins. Even a beginner can beat a novice at any time.

Under And Over

The full under/over games are popular. Here, bettors wager on the total number of combined points that the teams score in the season. The over is accessible for beginners.

This is often a great way to root for both teams. It is also great because people tend to prefer high-scoring games instead of defensive punts and slogs.

The most entertaining wagers do not pay. The over/under bets need you to have a thorough knowledge of the factors involved. There is often a lot of value in the first and second half and not the full game.


Sports betting is undoubtedly fun. The problem is when you place wagers without having all the information. Sports betting 101 dictates that you follow specific guidelines that will help improve your winning chances and also help stretch your money as far as it can go.

If you need to understand more about sports betting and acquire some advanced tricks and tips that could better your chances, visit our website.


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