DFS Advice: 13 Mistakes Every Player Makes

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Are you new to daily fantasy sports? Great! But before you make yourself comfortable, are you aware of the common mistakes every DFS player should never, ever do?

If not, don’t worry, we’ve got them all right here for you. They’ll save your time, help you keep your bankroll safe, and help you get rid of frustrations when playing. 

This article is going to describe universal mistakes which you’ll need to take in whether you play draft kings, weekly fantasy basketball, daily fantasy football, or any sport.

Not only will you be able to land more paydays, but you’ll also have fun when playing daily fantasy.

Follow our DFS advice and try not to make these 13 playing mistakes.

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1. Creating Your Fantasy Rosters Too Soon and Forgetting Them

It’s okay to develop your rosters early in the week. The problem arises when issues begin to build up in between the week.

Players can get hurt, putting them on the sidelines. Coaches can adjust their rosters during the last minute, unexpectedly reducing the time of some players on the field.

Try to create your roster late in the week. This way, you can deal with any problems that may arise before the game.

Also, if you set your lineups early, try to check on them a few minutes before the first game begins. This will help you to avoid drafting players who can’t score.

2. Choosing the Wrong Types of Contests

Have you ever spent your time at DraftKings or FanDuel? If you have, then you know about the different types of weekly fantasy football contests.

Here, we’re talking about cash games and tournaments.

The cash games are all about the double ups, 50/50’s, and head to head. These contests pay the top 50% of the field.

On the other hand, the tournaments are all about guaranteed prize pool (GPP) events.

Finishing in the top 5% will earn you a great deal of cash than you’d get in a typical cash game.

You’ll have to rely on the cash games if your goal is to earn money at weekly fantasy football. Yes, this contest’s competition can be challenging, and the payouts are small, but you have higher chances of winning than in the GPPs.

3. Mismanaging Your Bankroll

Most new DFS players always look forward to big wins.

You can win a nice bonus when you reach perfection in a tournament, but it’s hard to achieve it daily. If you are a player with low bankrolls, it’s right for you to play cash games often to raise the right amount of cash to join bigger tournaments.

You should put a fraction of your bankroll in play each time you play. Always try to play longer games since you can’t quickly get rich without taking the long route. 

4. Relying Too Much on Recent Performance

You can easily be tempted to add your favorite players to your lineups, especially when you saw them shine on the field the previous week. You probably think that they’ll crush it this week too.

This is what’s called recency bias. We rate things on what has transpired recently. But we need to know that the past can’t define the future.

What took place on the field last week does not indicate what will take place on the field this week.

5. Focusing on the Wrong Stats

Another good tip is to analyze the statistics. Make sure you’re well informed and try to make smart decisions when you set up your lineups.

This stats are nothing but a rabbit hole. The more you analyze them, the more you get involved, and in the end, you’ll find it hard to come back from it.

You need to focus on the following, according to the DFS advice.   

• Receiver vs. cornerback statistics
• Defense vs. position statistics
• Opportunities
• Fantasy point scored per occasion
• Efficiency inside the restricted zone
• Variance and consistency

6. Ignoring Value

Value is all about projected points per dollar paid. In simple words, how much do you pay to lineup a player? How much do you get in return?

Most coaches have favorite players, and we tend to put them in our lineups most of the time. We also have those players that we dislike, and we rarely put them in our lists.

This is a serious problem. If you disregard individual players, you risk losing the best value picks. You should not ignore any players since they can make your rosters to stand out firm.

7. Using the Same Strategy for Different Sports

Your draft strategy should try to reflect on the sport just as it accommodates the contest type. Football is not similar to basketball, and basketball also differs from baseball. If you want to win, you should learn how to adapt accordingly.

As you know, Basketball and Baseball fantasy production are consistent in most positions. NBA and MLB players play so many games every week which smoothens their performance over the season.

Football is less consistent when we compare it to baseball and basketball.

8. Avoid Group Links

If you want to win in tournaments or cash games, you’ll have to come up with your logic.

While most DFS players’ research about famous experts and end up deploying the players suggested by the authors, you should be smart, come up with your conclusions about the different players at your own pace.

Sure, many look after Cam Newton who has placed more than 30 fantasy points in 4 straight games and has no defense, but will the game last long enough for him to throw all the four quarters? Is he going to face failure?

If you believe in this case, then you need to give up the top player and choose another better option. Separating your line up is the only key to win in tournament formats.

9. Letting Your Ego Take the Reins

Have you ever watched or participated in any martial arts competition? Well, DFS NFL contest competitions are closely similar to this. Someone smarter, more prominent, harder, and faster, will always emerge.

If you start to boast with a few wins, you’ll be preparing yourself for defeat.
it’s always tempting. You find yourself in the top 5 % of a few GPPs after you win a few cash games. You’re burning up.

At this point, you feel so overconfident. You need to relax because you are about to jump from a frying pan into the fire.

10. Ignoring Vegas’s Predictions

What if you get information about an experienced odds maker army outdoing numbers and making the results of their analyses available for free? You’d probably improve the decisions of your weekly fantasy football by use of their crack-shot analysis.

This sounds great, right?

This strategy is precisely what Vegas odds maker practice. They make predictions out of their research. Their weekly fantasy football players take this practice to their advantage.

11. Pairing Quarterbacks and Running Backs from the Same Team

Running backs and quarterbacks generate fantasy points in different ways. When you place them on the same team, they can consume each other’s aspects of production.

Quarterbacks generate points through the following ways:

  • Passing yards (0.04 points per yard)
  • Passing TDs (4 points)

Running backs create points via rushing TDs, Receiving and rushing.

Have you spotted the problem? The fantasy point of your QB will be affected if he passes the ball to one of his RBs.

This is why it’s not a good idea to draft an RB and a QB from the same team.

12. Drafting Players Facing Your Defense

Drafting players is a common mistake that many DFS NFL beginners make. They place scheduled players in their lineups, while these players are supposed to play against their defensive lineups.

The problem with this is, defensive production can negatively affect offensive production and vice versa.

For instance, let’s say you set up a roster for a match between Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texas. From the Texas side, you decide to choose Tom Savage as your QB and slot the Jacksonville’s D-line.

The Jacksonville’s defense has been very active this season. They’ve outdone QBs. This issue can be a problem for Tom.

In this instance, the strength of your defense might affect your QBs fantasy point production.

13. Playing Too Many Lineups

Many people make this mistake in cash games, but it is more common in GPPs. The logic used here is; you have to create more lineups to increase your winning odds.

It might be efficient in a raffle where playing more allows you to win more. But it’s hard in the daily fantasy football.

A lot can be said about the positive impacts of diversification. When you have more lineups, you get a chance to diversify what you spend in any week. But be aware of the point at which it won’t be friendly to you, specifically in GPPs.


Daily fantasy Sports can be seductive. To start them is not hard, and they are less complex. Anyone can create lineups within minutes.

But don’t take this lightly, their simplicity can have you make mistakes easily.

Whether you are new to daily fantasy sports or you are an expert in it, it is advisable for you to review this DFS advice to improve your gaming skills, and also to avoid making these 13 common mistakes. 

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