A 6-Step, In-Depth Guide to Making Money in Daily Fantasy Sports

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The idea of “Daily Fantasy Sports” might be confusing to some Aussies: fake games but real athletes, fake points but real stats?

We at True Blue Punter can set the record straight: DFS are a fun, personalized way to engage in your interests and MAKE MONEY!

But do YOU know how to make money in DFS? Do you even know what they are?

Daily Fantasy Sports are accelerated fantasy sports. In fantasy sports, you put together a fictionalized team of real athletes. Your team then earns points during the season based on how your players perform in reality.

In DAILY Fantasy Sports, the same process is condensed into daily and weekly competitions. This creates faster-paced competitions and more frequent earnings for participants.

Explore this 6-step, in-depth guide to making money in Daily Fantasy Sports!

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1. Bet on “Chalk”

Gambling on professional sports and athletes is nothing new, but what about gambling on the performances of real professional athletes in “fantasy” situations?

If you’re new to fantasy sports, this idea might be intimidating. How in the world are you supposed to know who or what to put your money on?

No need to stress, the betting strategy in DFS largely remains the same as in traditional sports gambling: BET ON KNOWN WINNERS AND SCORERS.

In DFS cash games, 50% of the gamblers win. Doesn’t matter if you come in 1st or 49th. That means you don’t have to worry about being the “most right,” just being in the winning half, or beating the average.

In that case, putting your money on what’s called “chalk” is what’s most likely to win you more money.

Chalk is a DFS term meaning favourite, dependable, or consistent. Betting on chalk means putting your money on players or teams that are known to perform well, like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

Of course there can always be upsets, but usually in cash games, focusing your money on mainstream players and teams will pay off for you! Literally!

If you’re still nervous about betting on sports, especially fantasy sports, read this how-to article that will teach you how to turn a profit in sports gambling.

2. Think Outside the Box

Contrary to the strategy of sticking with chalk in cash games, there are DFS competitions wherein betting on the most obvious choice will not necessarily benefit you.

Winner-take-all DFS tournaments are one such case.

Winner-take-all tournaments are different from cash games in exactly that: THE ONE WINNER TAKES ALL. There is no 50/50 split.

In winner-take-all, outsmarting your competitors is exactly what you need to do!

Be strategic about which players you put together and why. For example, you could recruit both a running back AND his fullback so you benefit from the run AND the block.

That’s just one example. Don’t hesitate to get creative with your strategies!

Extend thinking outside the box to HOW you gamble as well: do your research about betting providers, their requirements, their benefits, and your earning potential.

Check out this useful and unique betting guide for discovering the best online sports betting providers in Australia. It’s broken down alphabetically by provider. It also lays out all relevant details you could possibly need for each one.

Go outside the box to outsmart, out-think, and out-strategize your opponents!

3. Count on Your Intuition

It is possible to participate in DFS without putting together your own team.

You can instead select a pre-made team supposedly designed to be the best lineup possible.

These are called “optimal lineups.”

While it is not always damaging to depend on these optimal lineups created by sites, analysts, and algorithms, it is also not always ideal.

Maybe it’s tempting to fall back on optimal lineups because they are (allegedly) well-researched. Maybe you don’t feel like you know enough to put together the best fantasy team.

When it comes to DFS success, your bank account will benefit from YOUR intuition, YOUR opinion, and YOUR instinct!

Optimal lineups don’t take into account YOUR goals and expectations for your winnings.

Maybe one optimal lineup is designed to be safe instead of bold, which would not match your interests if you had high risk tolerance in your Daily Fantasy Sports gambling.

With your intuition, opinions, instinct, goals, and expectations in mind, we’re here to warn you against relying on optimal lineups.

Your wallet will thank you!

4. Don’t Ignore the Bonuses!

Many Daily Fantasy Sports sites offer possible bonuses! Yes, you read that right: FREE MONEY!

For example, some sites offer a “first deposit” bonus, in which you get money back for the money you deposit when you first open and use your account. Usually, the more you deposit the more you get back.

So be strategic about when and how much you deposit with these bonuses in mind!

One such site is FanDuel, which often offers affiliate links to DFS sites for a sign-up bonus for users.

Check out this helpful article about making money in DFS baseball and learn how to profit from bonus offers.

Take advantage of this free money!

Other Daily Fantasy Sports sites basically pay YOU to play on their site by paying “rakeback” money.

Rakeback money is meant to incentivize you to use their specific site, of course, which does not hurt you whatsoever. You might as well!

Some sites also offer bonuses or discounts for signing up on their mailing lists, newsletters, or accounts in general. It may not be much, but that is free money you can claim.

Thanks to bonuses, your wallet can get heavier!

5. Think like an Owner

A common mistake made by Daily Fantasy Sports players in Australia is thinking like a “user” and not like an OWNER.

Real-life owners and General Managers must constantly consider the big picture, from team goals to player potential and from stats to salary caps.

Just like how GMs and owners must decide how to divide the team’s money between their athletes based on contracts, YOU must decide how to allocate your money between each week’s betting, cash games, and tournaments.

You must use STRATEGY to be a big DFS winner!

There is no playing just to play if you want to win big!

For example, you have the opportunity to choose your opponent in certain online fantasy sports, including fantasy baseball. Do not do this willy-nilly. Have a plan!

Selecting easy opponents can give you easy wins.

An easy win may result in less points than if you had beaten a more experienced player, but a win is a win and the more the better!

This is the type of owner-like thinking that is required of Daily Fantasy Sport winners.

Avoid rookie mistakes! Read up on important sports betting mistakes to avoid.

6. Become Familiar with Gambling Laws/Taxes

Did you know that the Australian government taxes gambling winnings?

Did you know that each Australian city has different laws regarding gambling?

Choose now to bypass the unfortunate gambler mistake of disregarding and/or not knowing local gambling laws and taxes.

Check out local sites to learn more, and don’t be afraid to contact local governments if you are unsure! Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your wallet.

Many gambling laws do not apply to betting on fantasy sports, like those that pertain to location. But some laws do apply, and those laws can’t be ignored!

Even if your scene is strictly Daily Fantasy Sports or online betting, familiarizing yourself with laws and taxes will only benefit you in your all-around knowledge of and success in gambling.

Bonus Tip

We’ll throw in one more tip to better aid you in becoming a consistent DFS winner:

Always remember your original interest in and love for sports and/or gambling!

There are ups and downs in fantasy sports, especially in Daily Fantasy Sports due to the fast-paced nature of the game.

Don’t let your “downs” deflate your excitement and commitment.

Don’t let the “results” aspect of DFS overshadow your love for the game, the players, and for making some fun money!

If you participate in DFS because it’s FUN and you enjoy it, you’re more likely to succeed. Those good vibes always come back to you!

You CAN Make Money Doing What You Love in Daily Fantasy Sports

Does earning BIG BUCKS playing DAILY FANTASY SPORTS sound too good to be true?

Does playing fantasy sports at an accelerated rate (so you don’t have to wait ALL SEASON for results) and making money along the way also sound too good to be true?

We know it does, but IT’S NOT.

We’re here to verify that IT IS NOT!

Using the six tips (seven if you count our bonus) in this in-depth guide together with the resources available on the Sports Betting section of our website, YOU can make money gambling on fantasy sports!

This is truly the dream for sports lovers, gaming lovers, and gambling lovers!

Whether you’re into playing the slots, bingo, horse races, lotteries, or betting on team sports, investing your time and energy in Daily Fantasy Sports CAN fatten your wallet! Make sure you check out our blog for more tips about gambling (and winning!).

Good luck playing!


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